How To Show your Man you Love him

To show your man that you love him means that you acknowledge his importance and role in your life in the spiritual, physical, and emotional level. Take action and show your man that you love him for real by subscribing to these suggestions.

  • Say “Yes!” when he asks you to marry him. It’s terrifying getting a marriage proposal out of a man’s mouth and when it’s out, he will feel so choked up about it. Show him some love back by saying “Yes!”
  • Listen to him when he speaks to you. It’s so easy to get distracted by your gadgets, activities, worries, and insecurities that you are unconsciously pushing him away once he tries to engage you in conversation. Your man may love you to bits but when he sees that you’d rather text someone than listen to him, he’ll bail and find another lady who can truly give him the time of day. Do yourself a huge favor, when your man wants to talk, cancel everything out except his the sound of his voice. Ditto, do not interrupt him. Let him finish and then you talk.
  • Touch him. Any way that you want but keep the intimate-over-the-top-touching when you’re alone. Too much public display of affection is just nauseating for other people.
  • Hug and kiss him every chance you get. Just don’t be clingy especially when you’re with family and friends.
  • Encourage him to hang out with his friends. Controlling girlfriends and wives totally dig it when their partners ditch their friends and make the relationship their whole world. This is dangerous and damaging playing field. If you can’t trust the man you’re with when he’s out with his friends, you’re in the wrong relationship. In a genuine loving relationship, couples let each other loose once in a while to hang with other people. Get your man to bond with his best buds every so often. It’s good for the relationship.
  • Look deep into his eyes. When you’re snuggled in bed or simply talking, look deep into his eyes and make eye contact. This is a good way to become intimate with him without taking your clothes off.    
  • Laugh with him. Laughter is one of the best medicines for loving! Have a healthy dose of laughter on a daily basis!
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s so easy to criticize your man for not picking up his clothes or taking the trash out. If he forgets about doing these things once, twice, or thrice, don’t go ballistic. Gently remind him about these things. If he still forgets, discuss this with him but don’t make a big deal out of it.
  • Choose to forgive. Love makes no record of offenses. When your man forgets a date that you consider important, it’s okay to let him know and if he’s truly sorry about it, forgive him.
  • Discuss your plans and decide together as a couple. Don’t make decisions on your own without discussing it with your man first. It’s important that he feels his opinions are important thus making him feel loved in the process.

All this “loving your man” talk only works when there is mutual respect and trust in the relationship. Showing love is easy when you have the best man, the perfect fit, the Yin to your Yang! Lastly, for you to show love to a man, you must love yourself first!


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