How To Shrink Packages for Clothing Storage

You are not alone in thinking that there is always not enough space in your closet, especially if you wish to put everything there. And when the season changes, your closet-related problem becomes more apparent. How are you going to keep your out-of-season apparel? They are certainly bulky and going to eat up a lot of precious closet space.

Here are some tips on how you can shrink packages for your clothing storage:

  • Sort out your clothing items. You have to think about your sorting system. Prefer the more logical approach. You can pack your clothing items according to the season. You can pack the shorts. Then, the swimsuits. And finally, the halter-tops. Or, you can classify them according to sporting venues. You can separate the items for your son’s basketball game from the items of your daughter’s soccer event. Or, you can organize them according to holiday. You should have a box for Halloween costumes, another for Easter finery, and another for Christmas get ups. Since they are the clothing items that you don’t have to wear every day, you can just pile them. Based on their volume, you can easily determine the size of the storage bag that you are going to need.
  • Roll your garments. Yes, you should roll them into a tube. By doing that, you can readily fit more garments into your storage bag. It is also advantageous since your garments are not going to be sucked. You are not going to worry about having creased folds.
  • Get rid of clothing moths. Eliminate them by putting a pack of cedar chips right inside your storage bag. You should be able to do that before you get to suck the air out from your storage bag. You should never take chances. Even if you think that your storage bag is airtight, moths can still find plenty of space to lay eggs. You don’t want that to happen. When the moth eggs are hatched, they are surely going to feast on your garments.
  • Pack your storage bag well. After you have put everything into your storage bag, prepare to suck out the air. You can use a vacuum cleaner in order to do this properly. Proceed by sealing the hole. If you have done all the required steps, you are going to have a storage bag that is irregularly flattened and surprisingly heavy. It means you have shrunk your storage bag efficiently. Prepare a list of the specific items contained in your storage bag. Tape the list right outside your storage bag. The list is going to save you from trouble, especially when you need to find something. 

You can store the rest of your out-of-season items in unusual places. You can stash some of them under your bed. You can also place some into your garage. If you have already bagged or boxed them, consider positioning them on top of your closet. Since they have been bagged or boxed, you don’t have to worry about getting some dust. If you have kitchen towels and rugs, place them between your refrigerator and your cupboard or right behind your commode.


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