How To Speed Up the Thyroid

The thyroid plays a very important role in the body. The thyroid is a gland that helps in the body’s energy production, as well as in promoting healthy metabolism. Because of this, thyroid problems should be treated as soon as possible. If your thyroid is not working properly, you will experience sluggishness, a loss of energy and appetite, and will feel ill at ease. Here are some tips on how you can speed up your thyroid.

  • Hormone level checks. First of all, make sure that you get regular hormone checks. The thyroid produces certain hormones in the body, and the easiest way to determine whether the thyroid is functioning properly or not is by assessing the hormone balance in the body. Your doctor can check specifically for thyroid secreted hormones and determine whether there are any deficiencies or not. If you have a family history of thyroid problems, you should get regular checkups as early as when you reach your twenties.
  • Eat right. Next, make sure that you eat foods that aid in metabolism. Some of the common foods that will give you this effect are grapefruit and olive oil. Instead of using plain vegetable oil for cooking your food, add a little bit of olive oil instead. Not only is olive oil a lot healthier, but it will also improve the taste in your food. Also try eating avocados, carrots, and bananas to help promote proper thyroid function.
  • Avoid thioglucosides. Eating right does not just adding certain foods to your diet. This also means that you need to remove some types of food from your diet. For instance, you need to avoid broccoli, cabbage, and even kale .these are vegetables that are high in thioglucosides. Although vegetables are usually good for the body, the high concentrations of thioglucosides in these particular vegetables can hinder the way that the body uses the hormones that the thyroid gland produces.
  • Exercise. A good way to improve your thyroid is by looking at it as a part of a whole. Instead of just focusing on your thyroids, get some exercise and try to live a healthier lifestyle. Overhauling your lifestyle for the better will not just give you a toned body but will also affect the various individual parts of your body, including your thyroid?
  • Iodine supplement. Iodine is one of the basic nutrients that your thyroid needs in order to function. You can get your iodine through sea foods, especially kelp and seaweeds, but if you do not have access to sea foods, you can simply choose to use iodized salt in your food. Iodized salt is available in almost all grocery stores.
  • Relax. Finally, make sure that you get enough rest and relaxation. Even a person, who gets enough iodine, avoids thioglucosides, and tries to get sufficient exercise will occasionally get thyroid problems because of excessive stress. Make sure that you minimize stress in order to improve your thyroid.

Speeding up your sluggish thyroid is possible through these simple steps. If your thyroid problems become very acute, however, be sure to consult your doctor for other treatment options.


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