How To Spot Warning Signs of Infidelity

Infidelity is a major reason why couples break up. It’s no wonder why you should be vigilant about your spouse or boyfriend. Although there’s no reason why you shouldn’t trust your better half if he hasn’t given you cause, there are some obvious warning signs that you should look out for to give you that heads up that your man may not be faithful.

Here are things to consider on how to spot warning signs of infidelity.

  • Observe any changes in his routine. Does your man suddenly come home late and seem to have more overtime than usual? Does he seem to be in a hurry to get some place even though you know there shouldn’t be a rush? Is he calling you frequently to ask where you are? He may be checking your whereabouts to make sure he doesn’t run into you. Changes in his routine may be an indication there is something going on. If he seems defensive about it or vague when he tries to explain, take heed.
  • Take note if he takes special care with his appearance. One of the major things to look out for is if your man suddenly becomes more conscious or vain of his appearance. Men groom and preen themselves when trying to attract the opposite sex. If your man is taking longer than usual and checking his breath regularly, find out why.
  • Monitor his missing time. Does he call to cancel at the last minute more frequently? Does he come home late, even on Friday and Saturday night? Is he going on more business trips than usual? Does he leave the room to take a call? Does he talk in a hushed voice when on the phone? All these are possible signs of infidelity.
  • Check if there’s a change in your sex life and there is a loss of intimacy. Are you having sex less frequently? When you initiate, does he turn you down? Has he stopped being affectionate with you, such as holding your hand or snuggling with you? If this is compounded with him being more critical of you, warning bells should be going off in your head.
  • Keep your ears open for any mention of another female. When he talks about work or someone he encountered, does a female name come up that gets your attention? Does he talk about someone in particular more frequently, often in a positive light? If so, your man may be fascinated with this person. If your man doesn’t want to introduce you, there may be more to things than you see.
  • Check the phones. Ask to see his phone and check his received calls and numbers dialed. If you don’t recognize these numbers, call up and check. If he doesn’t want to do it, you may need to be sneaky about it. Check text messages, Facebook pages and emails. Men can be sloppy about leaving behind evidence of their affairs.
  • Check your instinct. Do you have a bad feeling about the relationship? Do you have a gut feel about someone? Does your radar act up in the presence of a certain name or a specific person? If so, take heed and don’t dumb things down. You may be unconsciously picking up warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

Keep in mind that no man will readily admit to cheating, especially if it means an expensive divorce or bitter custody battle will ensue. If you have your suspicions, do what you need to do to uncover the truth, even if it means hiring someone to validate your suspicions. However, you should still keep an open mind and wait for confirmation. If you feel you must confront your man, proceed with caution and be ready for any consequence you have to face.


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