How To Spy on your Wife

When you have suspicions about your wife’s activities, there are discreet ways so you can investigate the situation. You don’t need to be a professional detective in order to become a sleuth. You simply need to use your powers of observation, common sense and instinct to be able to uncover the truth.

Here’s how to spy on your wife.

  • Observe any changes in appearance or behavior. Use your keen powers of observation and take note of any changes in your wife’s behavior. Does she seem excited to leave the house and get to work more than usual? Does she take special care with her appearance? Is she dressing sexier? Does she seem evasive when her cell phone rings or when you ask her where she’s been? These kinds of activities should arouse your suspicions.
  • Check her cell phone. If her cell phone suddenly becomes hot property for her eyes only, why not check what the big fuss is all about when she’s not around? Check her phone when she’s sleeping or in the shower. Look at the saved messages and sent messages. Look at the recent calls received and made on the phone. You may even try dialing the numbers and see if a man answers.
  • Check her computer. If you know her passwords, you can check her email. Look at the history and cookies on the computer so you can see her cyber activity. You may even be able to retrieve her emails.
  • Surprise her at work. Drop by unexpectedly at her place of work and take her out to lunch on a day that you know she has no plans. If she has a date, see if she scrambles or looks shocked to see you rather than pleasantly surprised.
  • Take a look at her wallet for receipts. Has your wife been shopping for lingerie and things you haven’t seen? Take a look in the closet and see if you can find any corresponding receipts. Look at the credit card bills and see where she goes and spends her money. See any charges on hotels and motels? Is she gassing her car at places that not at her usual route?
  • Take a look inside her car. Get inside her car and see if it smells different. Can you pick up the scent or cologne of another man? Look at the floor and see if you can see any evidence or unwanted activities. Look at the odometer reading and see if she’s been traveling more than usual.
  • Install a nanny cam. If you want to keep an eye on your spouse while you’re away, you may secretly install a nanny cam. Place one in the bedroom and another at the front door.

These are simple things you can do to spy on your wife. However, you should also try and have an open discussion with your spouse about any suspicions or questions you may have. You shouldn’t need to resort to spying on your wife. Why not bring concerns and issues out in the open so you can get to the heart of the matter?


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