How To Start a Food Diary Online for Free

The Internet has countless uses for so many things in this day and age of technology. You can even use the World Wide Web to shed pounds by starting an online food journal. The great thing about the Internet is that it’s fairly cheap. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a computer, which one normally has at home anyway. The act of registering an online journal or diary won’t cost you a cent.

  • Look for a free online journal host. Search the web for available online sites specifically made for food diaries. This will have the proper templates for the purpose of logging your food intake. The purpose of this online food diary is to help you track what you’ve taken in, what you’ve burned, and the total calories in your everyday diet. What makes this so much more convenient than a physical diary is that you have the tools that will help make calorie tracking easier. Online food diaries have calorie counter and chart templates so you don’t have to manually compute and chart your way to losing weight.
  • Register for free with just an email address. All you need to register for an account is to have a valid e-mail address. Fill out the registration form and then verify using your e-mail account. Now, you’re ready to get started.
  • Keep your diary updated. Record your daily intake on your diary regularly. If you don’t have Internet access and you are afraid of forgetting, list things down for the meantime and then log them all in at the end of the day. Set your current weight and your target weight. Then, log-in all your food intake per day. The online journal has thousands of food options with matching calories so that you are able to count your intake. You can also record exercise regimens and this will reflect how many calories you’ve lost. The great thing about this feature is that you no longer have to keep peeking at the packaging to list down how many calories you just ate, which can be a very awkward thing to do in public.
  • Be accurate. In remembering your food intake for the day, keep things specific. Remember how much of each food item you ate. For example, if you ate chocolates, how many bars? Or how many squares? Be honest, too. Don’t cheat by not logging in when you overeat. You’re not helping yourself by cheating. If you’ve overeaten, try to note why. Some people overeat when they’re particularly stressed or having their premenstrual syndrome.
  • Observe your food intake. Now that everything’s in black and white, you’ll be able to assess if you are eating the healthy way. Try to scratch out any unnecessary unhealthy food and replace it with a healthier, but equally delicious food item. For example, ditch that ice cream for some frozen yogurt, which some people find yummier than ice cream.

Another great thing about online food diaries is the support that you can get from the online community. You’ll have access to success stories that will serve as inspiration and motivation, and new friendships waiting to develop.


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