How To Stiffen Handmade Purses

It is so easy to make handmade purses that anyone can make them. Some even make handmade purses and give them away as gifts, or sell them. However, handmade purses tend to be too soft because they are usually made of cloth. It does not hold its original shape too well, and it would be better if it could have more strength so that it does not twist and warp so easily. The solution is to stiffen handmade purses.

Stiffening handmade purses is quite easy and requires very little for the effect that will make. You will just need some patience and fusible web and your handmade purse will turn stiff in no time. To stiffen a handmade purse, refer to these steps:

  • Prepare your materials. To stiffen a handmade purse, you have to apply a manmade fiber material known as fusible web. But you can add the fusible web only as you make the handmade purse, and not after when it is already done. So before you even make your purse, make sure that you have all your materials, fusible web included.
  • Fusible web 101. Fusible web is a special kind of fiber that you put in between two pieces of cloth to fuse them together. All you have to do is to put the fusible web on one side of the cloth, iron it on the side that still has the paper, peel off the paper, let it cool, and press the other cloth on top of it.
  • Fusible web is available in many different weights and rolls. A heavier fusible web has stronger sticking properties, but if it is too much it will your fabric difficult to sew. Hence, when choosing a fusible web, always go for the weight that is closest to the fabric that you are using.
  • Another interesting use for fusible web is that you can use it for hemline emergencies.
  • Priming. Get the fabric that you will be using to make your purse, and have it cut already. You will measure the length of fusible web you will need depending on its size. Take out one inch of the cloth’s measurements for the fusible web. Let's say you have pattern pieces with the measurements of 6 inches by 5 inches then your fusible web should be 5 inches by 4 inches.
  • Iron. Lay down the fabric patterns, the outside pattern should be facing down and the inside pattern showing up. Place the fusible web at the center of the fabric. Make sure that the paper peel is on the wrong side of the fusible web. If you take out the paper and iron directly on the fusible web it will melt all over and even ruin your iron. Do the same with other piece of purse pattern. Only remove the paper when the fabric has cooled.

Note: If you have a fabric that will serve as the inside lining, put the fusible web in between the outer pattern and the lining. Peel the paper off the fusible web as it will need to fuse the two cloths together.

Finish your handmade purse. And, you are done!


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