How To Stop Air Pollution Causes

Air pollution is a great cause of environmental concern. No matter where you live or who you are, everyone is affected by air pollution. Poor air quality not only makes it more difficult to breathe, it can seriously affect the quality of your life. In areas where there is high air pollution, residents often have respiratory problems such as asthma and are more prone to getting colds and other illnesses.

You can do something to stop the causes of air pollution. In your own small way, you can make a significant difference if you only think, act and live more mindfully. Here are things you can do to stop the causes of air pollution.

  • Stop using your car. Your personal vehicle emits tons of fuel emissions that cause air pollution. Cut back on air pollution by limiting the use of your vehicle. Walk or bike whenever possible. Organize your errands so you can consolidate your trips and use your car less frequently. When you use your car less, you’ll need less gasoline.
  • Keep your car maintained. Make sure your car is well maintained so that your emissions are well below acceptable environmental standards. If your car isn’t efficient, you will use more fuel and energy.
  • Carpool or take public transportation. One way to cut back on your car use is to carpool. Less cars on the roads mean less vehicle emissions. It’s also less traffic and less stress.
  • Cut back on your energy use to cut back on fossil fuel use. Fossil fuels are the main cause of air pollution in the planet. This comes from burning coal to provide energy to power your home. Save electricity and energy so you don’t consume so much.
  • Switch to alternative energy sources. If possible, install solar energy panels in your home. Support industries that use alternative energy sources such as hydroelectric energy or wind energy. Change to an electric vehicle instead of one that uses fuel.
  • Go organic or vegan. The way food is grown in the country contributes to air pollution. The clearing of forest areas to convert to pasture for cows and other meat products also contributes to the air pollution. Support organic farming so the food industry will be compelled to cut back using of harmful chemicals and pesticides, which releases toxins in the air, affects the ground water supply and affects the fertility of the soil.
  • Don’t use lead paints and other chemicals in your home. Use low VCO paints and avoid using harsh cleansers in your home. Read the label. If it has too many syllables that you can’t pronounce, skip it. You don’t want to breathe that in! When cleaning your home, use natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. Use olive oil to polish your wood. Use water based paints on your home.
  • Don’t use the air conditioner. Your air conditioner releases Freon in the air, which causes air pollution and contributes to the hole in the ozone layer. Open a window if you want a breeze or find other natural ways to cool yourself on a hot day.
  • Push your public officials to legislate stricter pollution control laws. Get the entire community in to the action. Write to your congressman and support laws that legislate stricter environmental protection laws.

Aside from these things, you can also plant more trees in your neighborhood. If there are areas where you can adopt a tree, do so. Put your money behind a cause to support programs that will prevent the further degradation of the earth.


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