How To Stop an Area Rug from Slipping on the Carpet

Using rugs in a room is a great way to bring color, texture and a decorative element into a space. However, the problem with rugs is that sometimes, you may find that it slips or bunches on the sides or corners. This makes the rug look askew. Also, it can be a safety hazard since someone can accidentally get caught on the rug and slip and fall.

There are ways you can get around this problem. Here’s how to stop an area rug from slipping on the carpet.

  • Measure the size of your area rug. Know the dimensions of the area rug you need to secure. This will give you an idea how much material you need to purchase to secure it down. You don’t need to put tape or other materials underneath the entire bottom or base of the rug. You can go by just securing the ends and corners.
  • Place a rug pad underneath the area rug. You can purchase a rug pad from the home section of Target, Walmart and other department stores. Not only is this padded rug pad soft to make your area rug feel more comfortable, it will also have an anti-skid backing to help keep your rug in place.
  • Use an anti skid mat under the area rug. If you don’t want to use a rug pad because it is too bulky, you can also buy non-skid mats to place under the rug. This is usually sold by the roll. This is available at home improvement stores and at the home section of many retailers.
  • Attach carpet tape or Velcro on the rug. Another easy solution to keep your rug in place is to use carpet tape or Velcro on the underside of the rug. Cut a strip of Velcro or carpet tape, at least six to eight inches long. Strategically place it along the end or perimeter of the rug. Press down carefully. When you are ready to place it on the carpet, gently press it down with your palms. This should be enough to secure the rug.
  • Use double sided tape on the back of the rug. You may also use double sided tape on the underside of the area rug. Do the same instructions as when using the carpet tape or Velcro.
  • Place the legs of the furniture on the rug to keep it from moving. If you don’t want to attach things to your rug, then use your furniture to anchor the rug. Place your sofa on one end of the area rug, the ottoman on another and the coffee table in the middle. This should be enough weight to help secure the rug in place.

Any of these solutions should work for your problem. Keep in mind if you use Velcro or double side tape to secure your rug, you need to be careful when you peel it off the carpet. Some of the carpet fibers may come undone as you pull of the rug. This may be a problem when you want to rearrange the furniture and you end up exposing the old carpet flooring. Also, if you do pull out the adhesives on the rug, be sure to replace it if you notice that it doesn’t stick as well on the carpet surface anymore. Good luck.


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