How To Surf the Internet Anonymously with Proxies

Have you ever wanted to surf the net at your own pace and leisure without the risk of being followed or monitored by unwanted net enforcers or uninvited hackers? Your concern over your online privacy can be addressed if you take the right precautions and measures. One very efficient way to minimize your fear of being followed is to browse online through an anonymous web proxy. Here is how to how to surf the net anonymously with proxies and secure your online browsing experience.

  • Search for these proxies on a reliable and dependable search engine. You will find a large amount of web resources that store anonymous web proxies that effectively mask your server’s identity, however, not all of these proxies are given out for free. While free proxy sites exist and function relatively well, paid proxy sites will allow you to customize your anonymous web proxy to your own choosing. Please be reminded that free sites will not give out proxy servers on a random basis and will not usually allow you to choose. It is strongly recommended, however, to stick to a free proxy server unless you feel that an outside party is forcefully threatening your online security.
  • When you have found yourself confronted with a list of anonymous proxy servers, you will find that some servers differ from others. For instance, most proxy servers will allow you to directly use the service by providing you with your very own search field. These are for the most part easier to use, as there is no need to alter your browser’s settings. Usually, these proxies will allow you to simply type the site or page you want to view and access and hit the “enter” button next to the proxy server’s provided search field or bar. Something to take into consideration would be some discrepancy in the outcome of some pages that may appear to be quite altered based on the technical functions and specifics of the proxy server. If this happens, it might be a good idea to go through with the other way to make use of an anonymous web proxy. These are proxy servers who adhere to user browser changes. In the event that you prefer this, you must follow the directions entailed by the server and make the necessary adjustments to your browser’s settings and configurations.

Now that you have either directly entered your desired website onto the proxy server’s search field or adjusted your browser’s configurations and settings accordingly, you are now all set to carry on with your online business without the fear of your security being compromised or threatened. Make sure to stay on a prescribed and active proxy window so you don’t fall into browsing from another window that does not share an anonymous proxy server. Be sure if you are still working under an anonymous proxy at all times and refrain from opening new windows or tabs so as not to lose track of the window your are supposed to be browsing with.


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