How To Survive a Breakup

Surviving a breakup is easier said than done. People may tell you to do this or to do that. But at the end of the day, you really have to bear the emotional pain. You have to face the fact that the person you once adored is no longer around. You have to convince yourself to move on and to accept what happened positively. Learn to heal your broken heart the fast way. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cry it out. Don’t hold back your emotions. Vent them out. You can blurt out everything to a family member, a friend, or a colleague. Find someone who can listen to you unconditionally. Release your anger by expressing what you truly feel. If you need to weep, let your tears drop. After releasing your frustrations, things should be a lot easier to accept.
  • Seek support. Once you have poured out your emotions, consider getting another perspective. Talk to your confidant. Process what really happened. Was it your fault? What triggered the break up? Was the break up the only solution to the problem? You may even list down the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out. Allow your confidant to give an “opinion”. Ask him to be objective. Since he cares about you, he can give you a good advice. You can discuss about the next steps for you to take.
  • Forget your partner. Gather her stuff. Put them into a box. You can return them to her or you can just transfer them somewhere else – away from you. When you see her personal belongings, you may be reminded of a lot of things. So, don’t give yourself the chance to be sentimental.
  • Part of forgetting your partner is getting rid of her contact numbers. If you continue to keep her contact numbers, you may be tempted to reach her out. You may even end up stalking her because you wish to know what’s happening in her life. And that’s going to have bad repercussions.
  • Move on. You have to accept the truth. Your relationship was over. Stop procrastinating. Start going out again. Meet new people. If you are not yet ready to begin a new relationship, at least, make yourself productive. Focus on your something worthwhile. It can be your job or a hobby that you fancy. If you are career-oriented, you can take on a new project. You can request your boss to entrust you some workloads. If you live an active lifestyle, you can indulge in a new sport activity. You can swim, bowl, golf, or even go to the gym. When your mind gets pretty occupied, you can forget about the break up and feel good about yourself.

Bear in mind that time can eventually heal your broken heart. So, learn to be patient. Don’t rush yourself. Divert your mind. Drinking isn’t going to make any difference. You are just going to feel worse when you wake up the next morning. And, of course, don’t put all the blame on yourself. A breakup is a normal occurrence. Almost everybody experiences it. Don’t let it ruin you. Learn how to use it positively.


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