How To Survive Living with Teenagers

Teenagers are a rollercoaster ride of emotions. They are moody, passive-aggressive, rebellious, emotional and even bonkers. Sure, you’ve been there and done that, but teenagers today are on a whole different level. With modern media and technology, they believe that they are smarter than you and may not listen to a word you say. Living with some can become your worst nightmare if you do not know how to handle them. Below are some tips on how you can survive living with teenagers.

  • They need their space. Teenagers require a lot of space, literally and figuratively. As an “adult”, getting all up in their business irritates them and may cause unsightly disagreements. You’ve seen it on TV and with your neighbors’ kids, whenever teenagers feel like they are being coerced with something, they lash out. This does not mean that they have to be left alone for good. You just have to take things in stride whenever you want to know about something or ask them about their personal life. For example, if you are a parent to a teenager, if you ask your child her romantic situation and she does not want to answer, leave the topic alone until she speaks to you about it. Forcing her to answer you will make her shut you out even more.
  • Be supportive of their “dreams”. As much as it may pain you to hear that your teenager’s only ambition is to become a sales clerk at Hot Topic, you need to be supportive of it even for a while. Teenagers, at this early point in their lives, believe that they have already figured everything out. However, if you quarrel and disagree with them regarding what they believe they should do in life, you will push them away even further. As long as what they want to do is not absurd or crazy, let them do it for awhile then follow this by guiding them to the right path. Soon enough, they will realize the right thing to do on their own.
  • Lay down the law, but in a good way. Teenagers must abide by rules, whether you are the parent or a guardian. You have to set a list of rules that they must follow such as chores and setting the time for their curfew. However, since they are highly hormonal and emotional, if they feel that they are being “caged and enslaved” as some put it, they will rebel against you and give you all sorts of problems. The technique is while making the rules, do it in front of them and explain nicely on how you arrived at the list you have done. It would also be a good thing to hear out their thoughts regarding your rules, making them feel as if they are part of a democracy. If they believe that their input is of value, the more likely it is that they will abide by your rules.

Living with teenagers can become more hectic than living with a pack of toddlers that are constantly hungry. Teenagers are unpredictable, sometimes wild and often sarcastic. If you are not prepared for them, they will give you hell. By following some of the tips above, you may yet make it through in one piece. Good luck!


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