How To Swap Coupons

Do you need more coupons? Get into coupon swapping then! There’s a community of coupon lovers like you just waiting for the chance to swap! If you want to give this a try, here are ways to get things going.

  • Organize a coupon-swapping day in your community. You can ask people at your local church, officers of the PTA, and your friends if they are willing to help you organize a coupon-swapping day. This can be a social gathering as well, so not only will you be able to gather as many coupons in one venue, you also get the opportunity to meet new friends in the process.
  • Find websites specifically for coupon-swapping. The internet is practically overflowing with websites that offer coupon-swapping. You won’t even get lost in looking on boards because there are detailed descriptions of the items for swapping. Take advantage of the chance to post your coupons because that’s what swapping is all about. Try to go on websites like and Navigate the boards and forums to see if these will work for you!
  • Sign up for a coupon swap by mail. The system, also known as a coupon train, happens in this way. An envelope full of coupons is mailed to the members. This envelop is mailed from member to member. Each member gets to pick out coupons that he wants and replaces these coupons with his own. When this mail reaches you and you have had your pick, it becomes your responsibility to mail the envelope to the next member on the list. Everybody wins!
  • Agree to receive notification messages for new coupons. After signing up to become a member of a website that offers coupon swapping, you will be asked by a pop-up message if you want to receive notifications about new coupon postings. Tick on the appropriate box (read: AGREE) and you’ll receive this through email. Check your inbox frequently so as not to miss it out.
  • Set up a box for coupon swapping in front of your home. If you had been one of those kids who would set up a makeshift lemonade stand in front of your home to make extra money, then you can definitely apply the same principle for coupon swapping. Place a box in front of your home. Use a pen to write “Swap your coupons here!” The only problem is that you need time to man your box. Some people might take your coupons without bothering to leave theirs in the box.
  • Speak with the manager at the grocery chain you frequent. Propose a coupon swapping system among loyal patrons. The manager might have to work out a scheme that will be acceptable to all, so you need to wait until it’s in place. However, there is a possibility of on-going coupon swapping promotions and you might just don’t know it yet. To know it for sure, sidebar with the manager and bring this up.

You’ll soon find out the many benefits of coupon swapping. In fact you’ll see that everybody wins in this activity. Go and organize something soon and share your experiences with others in the forums!


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