How To Take a Healing Sitz Bath

Sitting down has a growing list of health benefits that many people can enjoy and use to feel better. By nature of its position, sitting helps the body in circulating blood to tired feet easier, easing the pressure of balancing your body and overall it gives your body a good rest from continuous motion. But did you know that the good benefits of sitting can still be enhanced and give you more health help? This expanded health goodness is in the form of a bath – the healing sitz bath.

  • A healing sitz bath is a kind of bath in which you sit in a tub filled with hot water, the idea here is to soak your bottom and legs in hot water to heal them. Both doctors and alternative medicine practitioners alike recommend this treatment for episiotomies because of child birth, genital fissures, anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Back then, sitz baths are available only in hospitals and some medical clinics but the good thing is you can now take a sitz bath at home. Here are some tips on how to take a healing sitz bath.
  • Hold the tap. Before you take in the goodness of a healing sitz bath you must prepare the needed equipment. So make a list. Here are the things that you will need: a large shallow plastic container, some Epsom salt, hot water, some blankets and of course towels. With the right equipment you will feel right in no time.
  • Dip in the right place. You just do not dip and take a bath in whatever hole. You should get a large bowl. Purchase one if you do not have one at home. The bowl should be at least 8 inches deep. Take note, the bowl is for sitting to soak the bottom and not the entire legs. When you have the right bowl, put it in a bathtub when you are going to use it. You can also place it on towels. Just make sure you do not spill water on the floor.
  • Fill it in. The bowl should be now filled with water. Put in one third full of water. The water should be medium hot. Measure the water temperature with your elbow. Your hand can tolerate heat so it is not a good barometer for the water’s temperature. Then put in one-fourth cup of the secret ingredient – Epsom salt. Doctor’s approval might be needed in putting in Epsom salt. Once the doctor clears everything, stir the water and the Epsom salt until the salt is completely dissolved.
  • Towels and blankets to the rescue. Now sit on the bath. And stay still for 10 minutes or up to 20 minutes. Do so until the water cools. The towels and the blankets will take care of the spilling water or for your cover when you get cold. Keep bathing until you feel better. Always do things in moderation, if your sitz bath does not work you should consult your doctor.

The sitz bath is a simple and yet a successful way to provide relief to ails near the bottom. So go get the necessary things so you can take a dip as soon as you need a sitz bath.


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