How To Take Care of Bath Towels

What is the first thing that you reach for after stepping out of a refreshing bath? Your towel. Believe it or not, your bath towel can make or break that relaxed feeling after taking either a cold or warm bath. Wrapping yourself in a stiff towel that feels like scratchy sandpaper to your skin is hardly contributory to relaxation, is it?

Taking care of your bath towels can help ensure that you derive the most from their intended function, as well as the luxuriant pleasure of being enveloped in a soft and absorbent piece of cloth. More than this, taking good care of your bath towels will prevent early wear and tear. In this article, read more about how to take good care of your bath towels so they will continue to serve you for years.

  • First use. If you want your bath towels to last long, you need to care of them right from the start. The bath towels displayed on store shelves today are usually coated with a special water-resistant fabric softener. This means two things: the towels look softer and fluffier than usual (for display purposes) but are not absorbent enough for first use. Before you use your brand-new towels, wash them first with water and a cup of white vinegar. The vinegar does two things: it will wash off the coat of water resistant fabric softener and will set the towel's colors, thereby preventing fast fading.
  • Washing. Since bath towels rarely get super dirty, you won't need to use too much detergent to get them cleaned. Instead, use only half of the recommended amount, which will usually be enough to clean the linens and they will also be softer after rinsing. Use bleach only on very dirty white towels. Avoid using fabric softener to soften your towels because it will lower the towels' absorbency; instead, layer an anti-static sheet inside the dryer. Never wash all of your towels together. Separate the light from the dark colors and watch each batch separately. This will help prevent stains from color bleeding. Don't wash towels with your other clothing either, as items on your other clothes (such as buttons, zippers, hooks, Velcro) can fray the towel fibers.
  • Drying. If you decide to hang your towels to dry on a clothesline, make sure you wash and hang them out on a breezy day to avoid getting them stiff when they dry. If you machine dry your towels, avoid overdoing it. Also avoid using high temperature settings when tumble drying your towels since the heat can destroy the towel's fibers. Instead, dry the towels on low heat, or alternate heat drying and air drying.
  • After every use. Never dump your used towels into a hamper. Instead, hang them to dry after you use them, even if they will be going to the laundry after that. Bunching wet or damp towels into a hamper can cause mildew to grow on the fibers. Mildew can be hard to remove and can discolor your towels.

If you take very good care of your towels, they will last longer, continue to appear pretty, and will perform their functions suitably for a long time.


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