How To Target Website Traffic and Profit with Yahoo Answers

For months you have tried to drive traffic to your website with a very lukewarm response. Do not be disheartened. The Internet is full of all kinds of websites offering all sorts of wares and services so that it really becomes quite complex to make a major breakthrough when it comes to seeking a huge number of Internet users. If you think that you have tried every marketing strategy that you know, you’re quite mistaken. There’s a good chance that you have missed out on the golden opportunity provided by Yahoo Answers. Here’s how you can get people to visit your website through Yahoo Answers:

  • Go to the Yahoo Answers website and sign up to become a member. This is the only way that you will be allowed by the Yahoo team of moderators to participate in the forums by posting your questions, commenting on the message boards, and answering questions from thousands of community members. Follow the instructions on registering as a member of the Yahoo Answers community. Once you’re in, you can now proceed to the next step.
  • Browse through the various categories that are catered by the website. Choose the categories that fall within your specialization and expertise. It is very crucial that you know what you’re talking about when answering questions posted on the website because the best answer gets voted on depending credibility and content. Don’t play the field unless you are an expert on everything.
  • Earn points by answering questions on the website. Since you are a new member of the website, you are initially allowed to post answers to a maximum of twenty questions a day. Each question that you answer nets you two points. If you get a vote for the best answer, you net 10 points. You will be allowed to provide answers to as many questions as you wish each time you level up and earn many points on each level. The more points you have, the more levels you can surpass.
  • Always strive to be the early bird that catches the worm. This means that you have to be very quick at answering the questions on your preferred categories. If you become the first one to answer a question with authority and credibility, your chance of being voted the best answer increases ten fold.
  • Post the link to your website when you are sure that you are a trusted source on the Yahoo Answers website. After some time of being first and receiving kudos for being voted as the provider of the best answers on the website, you can now introduce the link to your website but only if it is relevant to the question that you want to answer. That link should offer an expanded explanation of your answer to the question. This is allowed on Yahoo Answers but stay within the context of the question. The moderators of the website will be able to tell if you’re leading people to your site to get a sale or earn money by soliciting help to get your website going.

If you use Yahoo Answers prudently and wisely, you will become successful at driving people to check out your website. However, if you violate the rules of the website, you will get banned from the community and thus lose the opportunity to make a breakthrough. Choose to conduct your business with dignity and you’ll find your best business partner in Yahoo Answers.


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