How To Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits – 4 Easy Substitutes

One of the issues that may cause a constant battle between parents and children are eating habits. While most parents would rather let their children eat healthy food, children often prefer junk food because its taste appeals more to them. As a parent, it is sometimes necessary for you to enforce strict rules concerning your children’s eating habits. This could mean making necessary adjustments to his meals by substituting his favorite junk food with a healthy alternative. Here are some of the tips that you can use if you want to teach your children healthy eating habits using four easy substitutes.

  • Give your children a fruit juice as a substitute to soda. Soda is one of the most favorite beverage of young children not only because of the appeal brought by its taste but also because of the hype brought about by mass media. Soda manufacturers often use celebrities, which act as role models to children, making it hard for parents to contend with this drink. As much as you can, offer fruit juice as a substitute to your children’s favorite fizzy drink. If your children refuse to drink the fruit juice, pay them no mind and leave the drink with them. Doing this all the time will make them succumb to the temptation of drinking the fruit juice you prepared for them.
  • Give your children biscuits as a substitute to junk food. Buying biscuits instead of your children’s favorite junk food is also one way of teaching your children healthy eating habits. When they start to notice that lack of junk food inside the house, they will soon learn to eat the food that you bought for them. Do not be discouraged if your children reject the food that you buy for them. This initial reaction is normal for children who have gotten used to eating unhealthy food. Just keep on doing this practice and soon, you will notice that your household is starting to run out of those healthy biscuits.
  • Teach your children how to eat fruits instead of sweets. Serving fruits instead of food that contain artificial sweeteners is also one way to teach your children healthy eating habits. You can make the fruit look more appetizing by serving them to the children in funny bite-size shapes. Another way of doing this is by letting your children choose the fruit that he will eat. Once your children realizes that you are ready to give in to their request as long as it is included in the list of food that you will let them eat.
  • Teach your children how to prepare a sandwich instead of snacking on fast food. Teaching your children to prepare a sandwich whenever he is hungry is also a good way for you to make him learn healthy eating habits. Most children prefer to eat food, which are on the go, such as fast food because their parents never took the time to teach them how to prepare food themselves.

Teaching your children healthy eating habits can be challenging especially when your children have started out with a bad diet. However, with these steps and with an extra effort to maintain your patience, you will soon be able to master the use of the four healthy substitutes that will help improve your children’s diet. Make sure that you eat these healthy substitutes in front of your children, so they will emulate your healthy eating habits.


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