How To Teach your Kids about Noah’s Ark

One of the earliest and fondest stories of children is the story of Noah and the ark and the great flood. All the elements of the story: from the animals that were made to board the ark in pairs, the dove with the olive branch in its beak to the rainbow are extremely interesting to children.

There is a lesson in this Bible story that proves invaluable to the human experience. Through the example of Noah, one learns about forgiveness, compassion, faith and unconditional love. These layers and mysteries of the Scripture reveal their rich meaning as one grows up and experiences it. But as children, they cannot fully grasp these concepts so it is best we ease and introduce them to simpler concepts.

Children love storytelling and imagining the story in color. Even if you told the story every night until they are fourteen years old, they will still enjoy listening to it. To make the experience for both you and your child, there are different means to narrate the Bible story. Here’s how to teach your kids about Noah’s Ark.

  • Simple storytelling. Go to your nearest bookstore or Christian book shop and purchase the story of Noah’s ark. If you will be reading to children, remember when purchasing a book that the bigger and the more colorful the pictures, the better! There are books available in large print. These are good for reading in front of a large class.  
  • Online. If you would like to introduce your children to the computer and the net, you can access e-books online. You can search for an interactive online version of Noah’s ark on YouTube or Google. YouTube also has a few videos narrating Noah’s story- whether cartoons or real-live action or even musicals.
  • Stuffed toys. To supplement your story telling you can use stuffed toys as props, When buying stuffed toys, don’t forget to buy them in pairs. But you don't need to spend much as you can easily improvise it with toys that are already available at home. Children love to play, pretend and are the masters of imagination so allow them to imagine.
  • Play. You can also play “pretend.” While the story teller can play Noah, the children can be Noah’s family or even the animals. You can make it more educational by asking your children what sound each animal makes.
  • Coloring books. Another means to teach your kid about the story is by having a coloring activity with your child. Coloring books will help illustrate the different elements of the story such as the Ark, the animals, Noah, the family and of course the rainbow. You can use this time to teach the children about colors and the concept of size. How can hundreds of animals fit in a boat? How big could the boat have been? You may also teach them different types of weather. Why does it rain? Where does rain come from? How do rainbows form? Apart from introducing to them the concepts of weather, color and such, you may also take this time to teach them about values. Noah’s story is particularly filled with great values and lessons that are worth teaching to your children: forgiveness, God’s unconditional love, faith, hope and promises. You may not want to emphasize on the aspect of God’s vengeful punishment on the people. The last thing the Bible story is—it is a story about God’s wrath.

Have fun during storytelling time with your kids. Cherish these few and rare moments that they will love listening to you. Good luck!


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