How To Teach yourself to Study Effectively

Every student has his own style of studying and it is up to you to use the available resources to be as effective and productive as possible. In military terms, the one with the best strategy and tactics wins the battle.

Here are some tips on how to teach yourself to study effectively.

  • Know yourself. When determining the best approach, you need to assess your personality. Some people thrive under pressure whereas others need a more laid back approach. Some people can read for hours while others can’t sit still through more than one chapter. Find your pace, improve it and work around your strengths and weaknesses. If you need other people to help you, get a tutor or join a study group. If you prefer solitude, learn to study by yourself.
  • Set a goal. You need to determine what it is you want to achieve in a given subject. Is there are specific grade you want or are you looking to get an academic citation? Knowing your goal will help you keep focused and stay on track. It will help you prioritize your time and activities.
  • Establish your style in reading. The most important skill needed to study effectively is to have a firmly established style of reading. Each student has his distinct way of retaining the information that was previously read. Some would be better off taking down notes at the same time that they are reading the material while others can retain information without having to write it down. When it comes to the amount of information that one could digest, most students could probably reach about ten pages of the book and then doze off for the remaining ones. It is very important that you discover the type of reading that best suits you. Setting the number of pages you would want to read for a particular day really pays off come reviewing time.
  • Learn over time. Cramming doesn’t work because if you don’t know or understand the lesson from the start, you won’t get it the night before your big test. It’s best to study smaller chunks of information that is repeated over a period of time. Set aside a regular study chunk of time during the day to review your material. Pay attention during the class.
  • Have discipline. Good study habits come down to having discipline. Setting the right priorities and doing what it takes to get the job or goal accomplished will help you stay focused. If you know what you need to do and you do it, then studying won’t seem like a burden but as a means to achieve what you want.
  • Set a realistic and reasonable schedule. Partition your time between studying and other activities. Set-up a routine schedule for your studying time. Strictly follow this schedule so as to develop discipline thus resulting to an effective studying session.
  • Have time to rest. It is essential to have enough time to rest in order to regain all the energy used up by the body from all the studying. Your mind won’t be as sharp if you don’t have ample sleep. Interact with other people and engage in recreational activities to help you relax and refresh your mind. Eat healthy and observe the proper diet in order to keep you always alert and ready.

With the tips above, coupled with determination and perseverance, you can easily have your way into studying effectively!    


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