How To Tell he’s No Longer in Love with You

If you ever have had that feeling of being unloved, where you feel that there is no longer love existing from your man’s actions, then you are, unfortunately, faced with a dying love. Do you feel coldness from him? Do his actions seem uncaring and unresponsive? These are just some subtle signs that he’s no longer in love with you.

There are always hints that he no longer loves you and that eternal clock of love has suddenly broken down. Most would try to save the love and rekindle the old fire while others would just let go and continue with their lives.

Here are some ways on how to tell if he is no longer in love with you.

  • He is avoiding you. One telltale sign of the fact that he has already moved on is that he avoids you like the plague. He avoids any confrontation or even small, sincere talks. He doesn’t go out with you anymore. He’s always busy with work or any other kind of activity. He declines any of your offers to sit down and have a discussion regarding the matter. If you are indeed observing these signs, you are most certainly tackling a one-sided affair.
  • He is not in the mood for something romantic. You don’t have dates anymore. He would rather stay at home and watch television than watch a movie with you or have dinner in a restaurant. He doesn’t seem to care about your anniversaries and he doesn’t even give you gifts. He doesn’t seem responsive or enthusiastic whenever you look at him directly and you tell him how much you love him. He doesn’t want to have sex and would rather not talk about anything related to it.
  • He doesn’t care about your health and welfare. He would not have the slightest concern over your safety whenever you’re not with him. He’d probably sleep off the night rather than wait for you to come home. If you feel down, he wouldn’t take the time to comfort you. He would not provide you with emotional support. In some cases, he wouldn’t even make the effort to alter his plans or to go to you if it is too much of a hassle.
  • He wouldn’t talk to you. The communication is lost. He wouldn’t share his feelings or what problems he is facing. He doesn’t trust you anymore. No more calls and no more letters mean no more love.
  • The fights keep on coming. You fight over the smallest things. Everything becomes an argument. He has become disrespectful and would say even the most hurtful words. The fights do not seem to end and both of you are seemingly tired of having to go over from one dispute to another.
  • He is seeing someone else. If he’s dating other people, he’s moved on and so should you.

These are indeed warning signs that your man no longer loves you and that he has already moved on with his life. It is now up to you to have the courage to make the right decision and try to move on yourself.     


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