How To Tell her I Love you and Why

Considered as the most important step in building a long and lasting, intimate relationship with the girl you love, saying what you truly feel inside takes a lot of guts and courage. Most men may find it awkward if they go outright and confess their love face to face with the girl.

When you’ve found that special someone, you need to express how you feel. Here are some ways on how to confess your love to her and why.

  • Just say the words. Keep it simple. “I love you” is enough. If you say “I like you” or many other variations, it can be subject to interpretation and your woman may not think you are serious. Although actions speak louder than words, you still need to say the words if you want your woman to know she is special to you.
  • Choose the right time. Make sure that you say it at the right time and when you really do mean it. Never rely on chance and luck when going about such an important moment. Don’t say it too soon in the relationship, such as a week into dating, but don’t continue the relationship without saying it at all. Choose a quiet and private moment if you like it. Don’t say it on the day her dog dies or when she gets fired from her job. She won’t be ready to hear it and your special confession will be overshadowed by other events.
  • Look into her eyes when you say it. Make eye contact when you say the words. It shows you are sincere. If you can’t look at her or you look at her body, she won’t think you are being sincere or that you only want sex.
  • Do something romantic. Prepare for a romantic event such as having a candlelit dinner or watching a movie you both particularly like. Your woman will love that and surely think that you are a responsible and organized man who is crazy about her. Tell her that you love her. Bring flowers or small romantic gifts to show you care.
  • Organize a big event. Some guys want to make a statement even when it comes to professing their undying love. If you want a Hollywood scene worthy confession of love, reveal your feelings to your woman in a public place. Your woman may love it when you do something special and memorable like involving your friends and colleagues. Tell the whole world that you love her right then and there in front of the crowd. It shows you are brave and sure of yourself.
  • Write her a letter. Traditional love letters would also work. Tell her what you really feel and explain to her why you love her. Be honest and write as much as you want. You could use a couple of love letters or so. Send her a love email or a love text. Just be sure to send it to her private number.
  • Be sincere. If you have enough courage and guts to say I love you in front of her, then do it. Hold her hands and look directly into her eyes. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Keep in mind when you tell a woman you love her, she will take it to mean you are serious about the relationship.

If you think a woman is special to you, tell her. Take the risk of being rejected. In fact, it is the one, most important indicator that you truly love her.


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