How To Tell if a Gay Guy likes You

With these modern times, you run into different kinds of people – people from different races, beliefs and sexuality. It is not an uncommon sight to see interracial couples, mixed religion couples and even same sexuality couples these days. Once in a while, you will see straight males with gay friends together. If you are in one of these groups, you might find yourself wondering if your gay guy friend has deeper feelings for you. Here are a few signs to look out for.

  • Eye contact. Watch closely how he makes eye contact with you. Does he look at you more differently than with others? You might even catch him staring at you and when you look at him in the eye, he may look away shyly with a smile. This may be a sign that he is into you.
  • Introduction. Watch how a gay guy comes up to you and introduces himself. Did he come up to you casually and introduce his name? This may or may not be a sign. Usually if someone isn’t interested in you, they won’t even bother introducing themselves.
  • Listen. Does he hang on to every word you say? Is it with adoration that he listens to you? Does he act this way with other people around him? This is how anyone you know would react to when listening to someone they adore.
  • Concern. If your day doesn’t go well, is your guy friend the first one to show up on your door step to cheer you up? Or if not, does he go out of his way to see if you’re okay? You cannot stop anyone that has concern for you to be with you through your ups and downs.
  • Your likes and dislikes on girls. Out of the blue, your guy friend might ask you what you like in girls and what are your turn offs. By doing this, your gay guy friend is making a mental note as to see if he can match your preferences. Your friend might even ask you questions about the other sex and then come up with answers on why he prefers men more. He may also sound sarcastic when you talk about the other sex.
  • Touch. If a guy accidentally brushes your hand or holds your shoulder, this may be a sign that he is testing you or that he is showing you that he cares for you. Now, if he comes up to you and fixes your hair or your tie or wipes your perspiration, then it’s obvious that this guy likes you.
  • Seating arrangement. Pay attention to how often and how near he sits next to you. Does he always sit next to you even if there are other chairs he can sit in? If he sits next to you and lays his head on your shoulder, then you don’t have to wonder anymore if he’s interested in you. That alone should answer your question.

These are just telltale signs if a gay guy likes you. Not all will show it because guys are different individually. If he does like you, take it as a compliment and take it from there.


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