How To Tell if a Guy is into You or Just Being Nice

The hardest thing a woman can experience is when she likes a guy and she is not sure whether the guy is into her or is just being nice. Women by nature are still very conservative when it comes to situations like this. Here are a few basic tips on how to determine which is which.

  • Research. You need to research on the person of interest. First thing you need to know should answer the following;
        • Is he available? Meaning is he single or married? If he is single, then you might want to know if he has any strings like a child or children for that matter.
        • Is he in a relationship with another girl?
        • Is he straight or gay?

  • Seek help. Seek the help of a trusted friend and tell him or her about your problem. This is important mainly because you need someone you can trust who is not emotionally involved and can see signs clearly. Next time you meet the guy, bring your friend over and ask him or her to watch his actions. After that meeting, compare notes with her on signs that you might have noticed which he might have done during your meeting with him. Discuss specific details on what actions you might have noticed. Look for signs like flirting, passionate looks, shows a lot of interest in you, tries to get to know you in a deeper sense, focuses on everything you say and remembers what you’ve said in the past. One thing you must remember is that your friend must be very close to you so she can tell you what you need to know and not what you might want to hear.

    If he continues to ask you out then there is a big possibility that he is interested in you. As the dates increase and the conversation deepens then it is most likely possible that he is interested in you.

  • Joke about it. If he says something that might mean something more, jokingly ask him if he is flirting with you. You can always retaliate with affection or you can just keep a smile on if he says you guys are just friends but somehow, it will tell you if he’s into you or not.
  • Gentleman. Does he hold doors open for you or help you carry heavy things? Now, hold on, this may or may not mean that he likes you. It could just be that his parents brought him up to be a gentleman.
  • Jealousy. When there are other men around you, do you notice if he is jealous? Does he get into a foul mood? Maybe you should try being around other guys when he is with you to see his reaction. If a guy is jealous, it’s a hint that they feel something for you.

If you’re still not sure, you can always just ask him straight out. We live in the modern times and it is totally acceptable in our culture for women to just be frank enough to ask so as not to create confusion.


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