How To Tell if Another Woman is Bisexual

Spotting a bisexual woman is not as simple as you may think, in the same manner that a gay or lesbian person may not be recognized easily. This is because a number of them do not really flaunt their sexual preferences. Other times, it could be because they are still trying to find themselves and may not be as ready to share it with the world. If you are interested in knowing if another woman is bisexual, here are a few things you could try.

  • Ask about her views on gay issues. By opening up the topic of being bisexual in a delicate manner, listen to her responses on what she feels about it. If she passionately supports gay people, it could be a sign that she is one. While at it, you could also talk about gay friends and how you feel about them. See if she warms up to the topic or if she would rather talk about other things. She may be gay if she continues to encourage the topic.
  • Show her your interest in knowing how being bisexual feels like. Talk about how you wonder what it would be like to have a romantic relationship with another girl. See if she opens up and shares her own desires as well, whether she has had experience or wants to have a go at one. This may give you a rough idea of her preferences.
  • Keep her feeling comfortable discussing the topic with you. Show her that you are relaxed about talking about the topic matter-of-factly. Make her feel that you have respect for gay/bisexual people and their rights and that you do not mind having friends who are gay or bisexual. If she feels that you can understand sexuality and are comfortable discussing it, she may open up and tell you want you want to know. However, do not push the issue either if she wants to avoid the topic. Should you observe resistance from her side, shift to another topic instead and let the matter rest.

Where homosexuality and bisexuality may have been frowned on before, it is now a lot easier to open up because the general public does not give it as much negative attention as before. People will only clam up when they feel unaccepted or, even worse, rejected because of what they are. Whatever a person’s sexual preferences may be is not as important as what the person is deep inside. If you would like to know whether or not a friend is bisexual or gay, for the simple reason of knowing, is alright. If you let it affect your judgment as to whether this person is fit to be your friend is another matter altogether.


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