How To Tell If Gemini Loves You

People born between May 21 to June 21 are considered under the sun sign Gemini. Of the astrological signs, Gemini is considered the Twin sign. Geminis are characterized by having a fun spirit that are easily bored when not stimulated enough by new and interesting things. Excitement and variety are the name of the game when it comes to this Zodiac sign.

Some people believe that a person’s astrological sign is an indicator of how he will be in a relationship. In some cases, this may very well be true. Although it’s not an exact science and there are many other factors that come into play when it comes to relationships, you can use a person’s astrological sign as a guide. If you’re dating a Gemini, here are some ways you can tell if Gemini loves you.

  • He is flirty with you. A Gemini is a fun loving person who loves to flirt. If you notice your Gemini in an extra flirty mode with you, he may have deeper affections for you than he reveals. Observe his interaction with you and compare it to how he interacts with other girls. If he is flirtier with you or seeks out your attention more, he may love you.
  • He may be possessive with you. A Gemini may have a hard time choosing or settling down however, once he finds the one he likes, you may find yourself at the end of a possessive guy. A Gemini is usually very selective or choosy when choosing a mate, but once he falls in love, he will want to constantly do fun and exiting things with you.
  • He wants to have intellectually stimulating conversations with you. A Gemini person is naturally attracted to someone whom he can have many long interesting conversations with. If you’re the typical type of a Gemini, and he loves to always talk with you, spend time with you or do many different things with you, he may love you.
  • He varies his romantic overtures with you. A Gemini is easily bored which is why he likes to spice things up on a regular basis. When he takes you out, he may not do the same thing he did you last date. He won’t be afraid to try something new with you. He may want to offer you something different. Variety makes things fun for a Gemini and if he loves you, he’ll want to share these things with you.
  • He says he loves you. If a Gemini loves you and he actually says the words, it’s probably true. Unless he blurts it out in the heat of passion, then you can bank on his words when he tells you so in a private and intimate moment. This pretty much holds true to all of the Zodiac signs, unless of course he’s a consummate liar.

Keep in mind that you should take these things with a grain of salt since there really is no surefire way to determine how a person will be in a relationship. Follow your gut instinct and try to get to know the other person well. Only you will be able to tell how he feels about you, regardless of his sun sign.


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