How To Tell if your Wireless Router has been Hacked

The primary use of wireless routers is to permit access to a computer network or Internet without the necessity of a connection that is cabled. Such devices can function in local area networks (LAN), which are wired, wireless, or a combination of both. In addition to this, wireless routers have LAN and WAN (wide area network) ports, which function as network switchers. More so, these routers come with wireless antennae that permit connection with other unwired devices. Some even include cable modems or DSL as add-ons. Because of their many advantages, wireless routers have become the home networking’s standard in a very rapid manner. This being so, many of these devices are being hacked by people not wishing to pay the cost for Internet access.

In case that you are one of the people who have purchased this device and if you fear that your wireless router will be hacked, below are the steps that could help you if that is so.

  • Download instructions. Visit the website of the manufacturer of your wireless router. Once you have entered the site, search for the instructions with regard to the matter or simply look for the corresponding disk set up.
  • Log in. The first step that you have to do to determine whether your wireless router has been hacked, you must login to your router. However, if you cannot log in, this means that your router has been hacked because most of the time, hackers would alter the password of the administrator.
  • Check your security status. When you have log in to the router, look into the security tab and check your status.
  • Review the list for DHCP clients. After checking your status under the security tab, examine the DHCP client list. If in case that you see names of computers that are unrecognizable to you, this serves as a clear indication that your wireless router has been hacked. But the problem, however, is when the hackers have the ability of using your Internet access without the need to be logged. This is done when the IP address these hackers are hardcoded by them beyond the range of the standard DHCP client list.
  • Reset. If in case that your admin password has been changed and you cannot login to your wireless router, or if you cannot remember your own password, all you need o do is to determine whether there is a way to reset it. Some wireless routers already include a button for resetting purposes that you need to press for a few seconds. This would power down the router and turn in back up.
  • Add security measures. When you are able to reset your wireless router, make sure that you add measures for additional security. You can also opt to add an address filtering and have the factory password changed.

Internet access has become a very vital part of people’s lives nowadays. It provides faster access to information and also easier communication with people from around the globe. This is the reason why many who are not willing to spend the corresponding expense, choose to hack somebody else’s home networking. Because of this, it is important that you need to be extra careful if in case that you are using this kind of device.


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