How To Think Like a Guy

Some believe that in order to start or maintain a relationship with men, women should learn how to think like them. While this is close to impossible to fully undertake, thinking like a guy can be broken down in a few simple points.

If you’re in a relationship

  • Men are simple and direct. They love differently than women. Remember that men do not tend to be as elaborate and expressive as women. Allow them some time to be comfortable with you, and in time, you will get to know them better. They may or may not reciprocate love and commitment at the degree you expect them to, in which case you need to try and open up the issue with them. Maybe he doesn’t come across as committed to your relationship, but who knows; maybe he’s just not that showy? At any rate, no matter how difficult communication between male and female partners can be, women can introduce the topic of whether they are on the same page. Both parties will benefit if they define exactly where they want to go with the relationship.
  • Men need to feel appreciated. As a partner, women should express how they appreciate their man’s hard work. This gives them confidence and strength to keep doing the right things. Remember that when men are at work, they are always sizing up the next man. If you tell them how you appreciate him, it will inspire him to do better.
  • You will know when a man truly loves you if he’ll profess his love for you to anyone willing to listen, he’ll provide for you, and he’ll do everything to protect you.
  • Men are not driven by sex alone. They connect through sex, though, as women connect through conversation and cuddling. Most men are driven by their profession, their work. They are often defined by how much they make and by opportunities they have to progress. You can help him achieve his goals, and in return, he will have time to focus on his woman.

If you’re entering a relationship

  • Men want you to be independent. While they want you to ease up to them a little bit and rely on them to open jars or doors for you, it’ll also impress them to know that you can act and think independently.
  • Men will respond or communicate when they’re ready or when they are interested. If you call a man, never call more than once. Leave a message if you get his voicemail. If he doesn’t respond, then chances are he doesn’t want to.
  • Men can be a little afraid of commitment, but it all depends on how far along in the dating phase you are. As a general rule, do not bring up marriage, babies and the whole enchilada. Men will ease up to the idea whenever they’re ready.
  • Men wake up with a clean slate and forget the previous day’s arguments. Do not bring up past arguments just because you feel you didn’t get any closure. Men do not like being nagged, so it’s best to move forward.

These may be treated as generalizations of men and can be considered unfair by many. However, it’s up to you and your partner if these hold true. It can’t be denied, though, that most men are simple and direct, while most women are complicated and tend to sugarcoat. But at the end of the day, open communication is the key to any stable relationship.


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