How To Throw a Recipe Bridal Shower

You may be wondering, “What exactly is a recipe bridal shower?” If I’m reading your mind correctly it’s a “No.” It is not a “How-to” on how to cook a bride, but it’s a specific type of bridal shower. It is a cross between a bridal shower and a cooking workshop where guests help the bride come up with a new fabulous cooking repertoire, which she can use to whip up fulfilling meals for her soon-to-be-husband. As they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so what better way to help the bride than by teaching her to fill her man’s stomach.

Instead of spending the bride’s last day as a single woman in sin city, why not celebrate it with a more thoughtful means such as a recipe bridal shower. Here’s how.

  • Invitations. First, set the date, venue and time of the bridal shower. You can creatively reflect the theme in your invitations by sending blank recipe cards to the guests with a complementary apron or oven mitt. The lady guests can fill up the blank recipe cards with their winning recipes and gift them to the bride-to-be. The maid of honor can collate and present the recipe cards in a beautiful box or – if budget permits – she can print several copies of the “recipe book” and gift them to the bride and her guests.
  • Regarding the details of the bridal shower, you can place it on the invitation at the back of the recipe card.
  • When planning your recipe party, you can organize beforehand what recipes you’ll do at the shower. Not all the recipes can be done with such limited time so choose around five recipes, preferably one from each course i.e. appetizers, main course, dessert, drinks, soups and etc. Setting the menu beforehand will help you prepare the ingredients for the “cooking class.”
  • Venue. Unlike other parties where any large space would do, when setting up a recipe bridal shower you not only have to consider the size of the venue but also how and where to hook up kitchen equipment and water sources. You can either ask permission from a friend who has a large kitchen if you could host the party at her home or you can rent a venue. Tip. You can rent a room at community halls where they usually hosts workshops.
  •  You may also want to consider bringing portable stoves and such to the venue. When choosing a venue make sure you have a water source for cooking and washing and working exhaust.
  • Decorations. Decorate the kitchen with fun kitchen utensils such as colored spoons and forks, pretty folded paper napkins and elegant tablecloths. You can set it up like an English tea party with a complete set of exquisite teacups and teakettle.
  • Games. One fun game, which I learned from the hit show Top Chef, is the Guess-What-Spice game. First, gather the contestants (about three or five women) and have them blindfolded. Place the mystery spice or condiments under their nose and let them have a whiff of the spice. You may even allow them to taste it. They have to guess as many spices as they can within the 2-minute time frame. Whoever gets the most spices right wins the game.
  • You may think that the party may seem a bit safe for a bridal shower, but the party doesn’t have to be so Martha Stewart, all prim and proper. Make it a true bridal party by injecting some much-needed spice and naughty by hosting some late night drinking games Test out some new concoctions you researched from the net.
  • Giveaways. Aside from the aforementioned apron or oven mitts, you can also gift a cookbook, kitchen utensils or even a spice rack for all your guests.

Have fun on your bridal shower!


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