How To Tie the Ribbon on a Wedding Bouquet

A ribbon can make readily transform your wedding bouquet. As it elegantly showers down beneath, it can lend your wedding bouquet a finished look. It can make everything feel classy.

Generally, you can tie a ribbon and play with its length and loop. You can be very creative in planning how it is going to cascade down as you hold your wedding bouquet. You can fashion it with a bow, preferably simple and shoelace-type. Or, you can form it without any bow at all. You can even consider doubling the ribbon when you have to make a small bouquet – that’s the one to be tossed during your wedding reception.

Here are some easy-to-follow procedures for you:

  • Spot the part on your wedding bouquet where the flower holder meets the handle. After finding it, look for the crevasse or the dip right above the handle. That’s where you should tie your ribbon. It should be able to prevent the ribbon from moving or slipping down.  
  • Bring out your ribbon spool. Start cutting some pieces. The length is ideally between 20” and 30”.  Gather the cut pieces and then, form a basic knot right at the middle. Set it aside for a while.
  • Get your ribbon spool again. Pull it out so you can pinch lengths. Do it between your forefinger and your thumb. Hold it out until it is exactly in your front. After that, start making some loops, about two or three. Vary the lengths, between 10” and 30”.
  • Run the ribbon pieces that you tied in Step 2. Position them again your bouquet holder’s crevasse.  Hold them using your thumb. Eventually, use both ends of the ribbon pieces to surround the handle. Do it with your other hand. Form a double knot so you can tie everything securely.
  • Face a mirror while holding your wedding bouquet. Figure out if the ribbon mass is attractive. Make some adjustments, if needed.
  • Continue by cutting all the loops. Do it at a slant so you can easily enhance how the ribbon is going to cascade.
  • If your wedding bouquet is single-stemmed, you can cut a lace, a netting, or another ribbon piece, about 20”.  Set it aside.  Afterwards, use of one your hands to hold the ribbon. Pull a long length.  Pinch it about 10” from the end.  Create a loop. Then, twist the ribbon so you can form another loop. Position it opposite your first loop. Create two additional loops to finish this step.
  • Put what you have done in Step 7 right at the middle of your bow (four loops). Let their ends fall and drape over.    
  • Turn your bow upside down so you can tie the ends. Make sure that the bow is properly secured.  Form a double knot.  
  • Look for your wedding bouquet’s main bow ribbon. Cut its end to your preferred length. You now have four ribbons that beautifully hang down your wedding bouquet.

Be cautious and meticulous when you tie the knots. They should be done very tightly. You don’t want the ribbon to slip down from your wedding bouquet’s handle while you are walking the aisle. That’s going to be a real embarrassment.


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