How To Train for the Shot Put

Shot put is a popular track and field event that you can easily train for if you are willing to do it. It requires proper use of precision and strength. Many athletes today are starting to get into it because of the benefits it attributes to one’s core and power.

Do you think you have what it takes to learn the sport? If so, then read on to find out how.

  • The preparation phase. Preparing for the shot put training is the first business of order. For this, you have to learn shot drills and all the training that comes with it. Start by putting time to lift weights and do workouts. This is to ensure that your upper and lower muscles are ready for the rigid activity that they will endure during the whole training process. Start slowly by picking cardio exercises like running or walking. Do not forget to do stretching exercises beforehand. Once done, increase your physical activity by lifting weights to improve your arms, back and legs. Maintain this procedure for a couple of weeks and then gradually incorporate drill shots in between your workouts. Build this phase around your schedule and once you feel like you are ready, move on and add core training on top of your regimen as well. Increase your training progressively by adding medicine ball workout routines and plyometrics. This will help you gain more strength. Give your body time to rest as this is extremely important. You can choose to train five times a week for about 3-4 hours a day and rest during weekdays.
  • Pre-competition phase. Once you mastered the preparation phase, it is now time for you to step up and increase your workout. Start by adding full shot throws along with core stability exercises. Introduce complex training workouts as well. Mix up routines to avoid boredom. By this phase, your training should run about 4-5 hours a day for five times a week, giving you 2 days to either rest or compete.
  • Competition phase. You are now ready for competition. For this, increase your workout by incorporating sprints on top of your regimen. This will give you extra power and endurance. By this phase, your training should run about 5-6 hours a day for four days a week, giving you 2 days to rest and one whole day to compete.
  • Create a schedule. Now that you have all the workouts down to pat, it is best that you make a schedule that you can easily follow on each phases. Determine first the days you want to train and the days you want to rest. Ideally, it is recommended to work Mondays through Fridays and rest during the remaining days but of course you can change it up if you want to.

And there you have it! Three phases that you need to learn before you become a shot put player! Eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle so that your training will not go in vain. As tedious as the whole training is, keep in mind that with proper dedication and discipline, you can achieve positive results in no time.


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