How To Trap Coyotes

Coyotes are very wily and crafty carnivores so hunting and trapping them is easier said than done. These creatures have a very sensitive spot on the nose, which detects unfamiliar odors. This defense mechanism coupled with the capacity to run from about 40 to 45 miles per hour further emphasizes the difficulty in catching coyotes. Being very carnivorous, and fast, humans must treat this adventure carefully. Humans must be well trained, fully prepared and on high alert when hunting coyotes. The article below and all of the steps included in it will teach you how to trap coyotes:

  • Be prepared. Make sure you have your necessary coyote trapping tools. You will need your trap, some camouflages for your trap (cover the trap physically and also cover your smell) and of course some bait. You can get your trap and camouflages in hunting stores. The advisable camouflages you might need are foliage to cover your trap and something that will mask the smell of humans all over your trap. In addition to covering up your smell, do not wear any colognes or fragrances. Who cares if you smell bad after? At least you caught it. Also, bring some companions and some protection. You do not want to be alone and defenseless in case something goes wrong. Also, be in proper attire. Wear the appropriate protection and be sure to match your environment. After all, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb when hunting. Furthermore, do not bring any technological devices. If you do, make sure to put them on silent mode or turn them off. The unexpected noise may startle the coyotes. Lastly, make sure also to have rested the day or night before so you are fully alert when you try to trap coyotes.
  • Setting up the trap. Much like Wiley Coyote on TV trying to catch the Road Runner, in order to trap a coyote, you must first set it up. Look for a good spot that will give you more camouflage (set up your trap by some bushes or where there are holes in the ground so your trap is more hidden). Now, cover the smell of people all over the trap using the scent eliminating products from the hunting store. Now place your bait (usually a dead animal’s carcass) on the trap. Make sure to “spread it evenly” so the smell is really enticing. Now lay your trap in the spot you have found and cover it with nature (foliage, shrubberies etc). All that is left to be done is to wait for an unsuspecting coyote to fall for your trap.
  • Caution. Be very careful, coyotes are very dangerous animals that move in packs. So make sure you have enough back up and weaponry if ever something goes wrong.

Hunting/trapping is a very fun sport. Whether you hunt to keep trophies or to just prove something, hunting will always be exciting. However, always be geared up, very careful, alert and cautious when hunting. You never know what might go wrong. So by reading this, you now know how to trap coyotes. The most important thing to remember is to be very very quiet.


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