How To Treat a Baby’s Fever without Medication

No matter how hard you try to take care of your child, a fever can still sometimes happen. Just like any other person, a baby too can have fever. A fever in a baby is more dangerous compared to adults. It is important to treat your baby naturally. Giving him medication will only harm him. It is best to let your baby’s immune system fight off the virus and defend the body.

Here’s a simple way to treat your baby’s fever without medication.

  • Make sure your baby drinks plenty of water. Remember to keep your baby hydrated. Because fevers cause people to sweat, it is important to replenish the water in the body. For an infant, make sure to give him milk by breastfeeding him or water by bottle feeding him. For an older infant, make him drink lots of water or juice. Making him drink orange juice will not only rehydrate him but will also boost the immune system. This is because oranges have plenty of vitamin C, the vitamin needed to boost immune systems.
  • Avoid giving long baths. You can opt to give your baby sponge baths instead. Make sure that the water is lukewarm. You can also cool water when bathing your water. Instead of soaping your baby, you can add alcohol to the water when bathing. After bathing, make sure to pat dry your baby and dress him in light clothing. This will help the heat escape the body. If your baby constantly sweats, make sure to change the clothes immediately. Avoid leaving your baby in wet clothes. This will not help lower your baby’s temperature. On the other hand, cover up your baby in thick clothing if he constantly shivers. This means that your baby is feeling very cold and his body is responding to the temperature. However, it is important to check if the shivers stop. If it does, remove the thick clothing and change the garments to thinner clothes.
  • Give your baby a lot of rest. Avoid bringing your baby to crowded hot places. Make sure to put a cold towel on your baby’s forehead to lower the temperature. Let your baby sleep.
  • Make sure your baby is not feeling hot. You can lower the temperature of the room if your baby is feeling hot. If he perspires, it means that heat is escaping his body. If it does, he feels hot. You can choose to turn on the air-conditioner or open the fan.
  • Feed him well. Make sure to feed your baby healthy food especially when he is sick. Avoid giving him fatty food. This will only cause him bowel problems. Lessen dairy products as well.

It is important to constantly look over your baby. Sometimes vomiting may occur. Make sure to clean your baby up when this happens. It is also important to know the normal temperature when your baby has a fever. If your baby is less than 12 months old, normal fever temperature should be lower than 100.3F. If it is above that, rush your baby to the hospital. For babies two to three years, temperature should be lower than 102F.


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