How To Treat a Baby with a Yeast Infection

Yeast infections occur when the intestinal tract has an excessive number of candida albicans, which is a fungus. Candida albicans is not harmful but in large quantities, it can cause infections.

Here’s a simple way to treat your baby with a yeast infection.

  • Identify the infection. Before jumping into conclusions about the infection, identify whether it truly is a yeast infection. People often mistake a normal diaper rash with a yeast infection. Yeast infections often produce red rashes centered on an area with tiny raised bumps that are pointing away from the center. Sometimes an infected area may look scaly or may even have pus. They are often found at the baby’s bottom running from the pubic area to the lower abdomen. It can also be found on the mouth.
  • Treat it when bathing. When bathing your baby, fill the tub with water that is tolerable to your baby. Add a quarter of a cup of sea salt. Make sure that the sea salt is completely dissolved before bathing your baby. Let your baby soak in the tub for ten minutes. This will help not only relieve your baby’s pain but will also help remove the yeast infection.
  • Constantly change the diaper. Remember to always keep your baby’s bottom clean. If your baby soiled the diaper, change it immediately. Avoid rubbing your baby’s bottom. Rather than doing this, pat gently the bottom to avoid possible bleeding. Avoid using alcohol or products containing alcohol to prevent stinging. Make sure that the bottom is dry before putting on his diaper. Also, avoid tightening your baby’s diaper. Make sure that there is room to breathe. This will allow air to pass through and dry up moisture. Yeast thrives in moist areas.
  • Feed your baby yogurt. A natural way of curing yeast infection is by giving your baby yogurt. Yogurt contains lactobacilli that help fight the infection.
  • Apply topical anti-fungal cream. Topical anti-fungal cream can be bought in any drug store. It contains Miconazole that can cure mild yeast infections. Read the label and follow the instructions. It is usually applied directly to the infected area. Make sure you continue to use it to guarantee that the yeast is completely gone.
  • Apply aloevera. A natural way of treating your baby’s yeast infection is by applying aloe vera directly to the infected area. This not only soothes itchiness but also lessens rashes.
  • Give your baby antibiotics. Sometimes the doctor will advise you to give your baby antibiotics. Make sure to give it to your baby regularly. Resistance may occur if you forget to give your baby the antibiotic. However it is not advisable to give babies antibiotics. Antibiotics will not only kill harmful bacteria but can also kill good bacteria. Make sure to only give your baby antibiotics if prescribed by your doctor.

If symptoms still persist, it is best to consult with your baby’s physician. Using some medications can also cause yeast infection. Consulting with your baby’s physician will help prevent possible allergic reactions and will help prevent future yeast infections.


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