How To Treat a Mild Burn

Getting a burn is one of the most common of injuries. Most people get it just by being careless under the sun, around the kitchen, or anywhere where there is an open flame or piping hot gadget. A slight graze of the arm or bump of the leg and a mild burn is the result. Yes, that is how it happens most of the time. But, when it does happen, are you prepared on how to treat it?  Most people actually do not know how to enact basic first aid on mild burns. It is normally taken for granted since most people think that dousing the burn with water is the way to go. The thing is that treating a mild burn goes deeper than just soaking the affected part in water. Here are some tips on how to properly treat a mild burn.

  • Soak and douse in water. Alright, once the burn appears, you will surely feel hellish pain on the actual burned skin. When that happens, it is understandable to panic and lose it. Technically, this is the time to stay calm and composed. The first thing you will need to do will be to find a clean water source. Finding a source of running water is recommended however, if there is none, any source will do. If there is running water, simply place the burned area under it and allow it to soak the water for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will relieve some of the pain, cool down the skin, and stop additional burning. If you have access to ice or a cold compress, you can use that as well. You can place the ice or cold compress on the affected area and leave it there about 15 to 30 minutes. The ice will numb the pain and will also halt any burn progression on the skin. Remember that you will have to do this immediately, as soon as the burn appears.
  • Dry the skin. After soaking in water or cooling the area with ice, remove from the water source and allow the moisture to dry naturally. You may also consider patting it down dry with a towel or napkin however; this could aggravate the burnt skin even more. It is best to dry it naturally instead.
  • Wrap it. As soon as the area dries up completely, get a bandage or a strip of cloth. Wrap it around the burn to cover the open area of skin. This will protect that area from infection caused by outside dirt and dust getting into the open burn. If you have aloe vera lotion or cream, you may apply it before wrapping to soothe the burn. The wrap should be loose and not tight. Wrapping it too tight will prevent air from seeping in.

Once you have treated and dressed the burn, you can now make your way to the nearest clinic or hospital to get it properly treated. If the pain seems unbearable, try taking some of those over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, mefenamic acid, or acetaminophen.


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