How To Treat Depression Through Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has long been known to provide wondrous healing results for virtually any type of condition, be it mental or physical. It is actually amazing how such an ancient methodology can still be quite effective even up to this day. The same rings true when it comes to depression. Although, there are a myriad of pharmaceutical treatments readily available to counteract depression, be it serious or mild, Chinese medicine is still one of the most effective options available. In fact, most licensed medical practitioners have warmed up to the philosophies of Chinese medicine. The best thing about exploring the Chinese way of treating depression is that it is all natural, which means you will not be ingesting any type of synthetic material, ingredient, or chemical. That said here are some ideas on how you can treat any type of depression using the methods originating from China.

  • Know how depression is seen with regards to Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine, somewhat like Ayurvedic medicine, is all about maintaining balance in the body. It is believed that if there is an imbalance in the body, then sickness will surely appear. Hence, Chinese medicine focuses on bring the balance back into your body, otherwise known as the “Qi” or the body’s energy.
  • In relation to depression, it is believed in Chinese medicine that the root cause stems from an imbalance in the liver. This means that the flow of the energy toward and from this particular organ is somewhat obstructed. That said to combat depression; you will have to bring the balance back into that particular region.
  • Opt for acupuncture. Many people have claimed that acupuncture is one of the Chinese healing methods that can actually cure most diseases. And, that includes depression. Find an experienced and licensed acupuncturist and pay for a few sessions. Allow him to examine you and make sure to divulge what you are suffering from. Since depression is the monster on your back, he will have a specific treatment plan to solve that particular imbalance by poking needles through specific pressure points leading to the imbalance. In technical terms, he will be sliding needles into your body to improve the flow of energy inside your body, specifically through and from your liver.
  • Diet and exercise is important. As with conventional medicine, Chinese medicine views proper diet and regular exercise as a key ingredient in maintaining the energy balance within your body. Hence, you should supplement any other treatment with a healthy diet and regular exercise. For the diet, stay away from foods that are processed, high in fats, and high in sugar, all of which can add stress to the liver. For the exercise, a simple 15 minute walk everyday can do wonders to your “Qi”.
  • Try some herbal remedies. Chinese medicine also believes in the ingestion of certain herbal remedies to maintain proper balance. Find a licensed Chinese herbalist and allow him to recommend some of these ancient concoctions, which may consist of tea and other obscure herbs.

Bear in mind that these options are not scientifically or medically backed. Hence, it is at your own risk if you consider exploring these. It is still highly recommended to get the medical advice of a physician, particularly a psychiatrist, when it comes to treating depression.


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