How To Treat Gum Disease and Infection

Gingivitis is a mild periodontal disease that causes gums to become red and swollen. This also makes gum bleed easily. Periodontal disease is disease around the tooth area. You can get this if you don’t have proper oral hygiene. You can also get this from smoking. This problem can be easily treated with the help of your dentist and by properly taking care of your teeth and mouth area. If gingivitis is not treated this can lead to gum infection or periodontitis. This is a serious gum problem as this can lead to tooth loss. If you don’t want to lose your teeth, make sure to have your gum infection or disease treated by your dentist. However, there are also treatments that you can try at home which can help you cure your gum disease and infection.

Here are the steps on how to do this.

  • Clove oil. Mix clove oil with olive oil and apply this to your gums using Q-tip. Clove oil is good for treating infections as this has antibacterial properties. This can also help lessen the pain that you feel on your gums because of the disease.
  • Myrrh. This can be mixed with other ingredients for making mouthwash that can treat your gum disease and infection. Use this three times a day as treatment. To make your myrrh mouthwash, get the myrrh from ten myrrh capsules and mix this with 3 ounce of hot distilled water in a container. Cover the container for 30 minutes. Get another container and mix together 3 ounce of red apple cider vinegar, 5 drops of clove oil and 5 ounce of distilled water. Stir the ingredients to mix properly. Mix this with your myrrh and water mixture. Use the mixture as your mouthwash thrice a day. If your gum disease and infection is already treated, you can still use this mouthwash once a day for your oral hygiene. This will prevent you from getting gum disease and infection again.
  • Yogurt. This is good for your overall health. Furthermore, this can also help kill bacteria in your mouth therefore treating your gum infection. This is also best for you as its softness will not hurt your gums.
  • Fruits. Vitamin C is known for fighting infection and this is present in most citrus fruits. Strawberry and lemon are fruits that are rich in vitamin C and can help you treat gum disease and infection. Mix 4 pieces of strawberries with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice using food processor. Use this mixture for brushing your teeth like toothpaste. Once done, rinse your mouth as you normally do when you brush your teeth.
  • Oil. Different types of oil are used for treating skin infections. These can also be used in treating gum infection. Vitamin E oil and virgin coconut oil can be applied on your gums as treatment.

Avoid gum problems and most importantly prevent losing your teeth by having proper oral hygiene and regular visit to your dentist. With your healthy gums and teeth, you will be able to smile to the world!


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