How To Treat Leg Weakness with Natural Medicine

Leg weakness is not an illness itself. It is caused by many different factors. This includes stroke, recovery after surgery, migraine, lack of exercise, diabetes, back pain, hip dislocation, disc disorders, etc. When you experience leg weakness, it is important to identify what causes it. Have you had surgery in the past month or so? Do you not exercise regularly? Do you sit in the office all day and do not stretch your legs? When you say yes to one of these questions, then you have to find the right way to treat your leg weakness so that it does not come back again. There are natural remedies that you can do to treat this condition. This article will give you tips on how to get rid of leg weakness. Read on.

  • Eat foods high in protein. Protein reinforces the muscles in the body. Red meat is rich in protein, as well as eggs, peanuts and yogurt. It also develops your muscles further. If you have leg weakness, then you should eat protein-rich foods. You will notice that if you take increased levels of protein when your leg is weak, it goes away immediately. Protein shakes are also good options.
  • Take B Vitamins and Vitamin E. Sufficient amounts of these vitamins strengthens the muscles in your body. Vitamin E in particular promotes an adequate supply of energy and oxygen. Take supplements to ensure that your body receives a fair quantity of these vitamins.
  • Exercise regularly. This may be the cheapest and easiest way to strengthen not only your legs, but your whole body. 30 minutes to an hour of exercise everyday is enough to provide you with the energy that you need to last through the week. Walking, running and swimming are the best exercises that you can do to alleviate leg weakness. Exercising firms and tones your muscles, and it makes it stronger, thus lessening the occurrence of leg weakness. If you have no time to exercise because of work, stretch your legs and walk around the office to relieve the tension and tiredness.
  • Drink milk. Milk’s main component is calcium, which strengthens your bones. Drinking at least a glass or two everyday helps you get rid of leg weakness. You can also eat calcium-rich foods to supplement your milk intake.
  • Drink horsetail tea. Horsetail has a compound called forskolin, which lessens contraction of the muscles. Drink three glasses of horsetail tea every day until the weakness in your leg disappears.

If your leg weakness is chronic, or it comes back after a few days or weeks, then you have to see your physician. It may indicate something more serious than ordinary weakness. Once you are diagnosed with something that is related to your leg weakness, it is important to start appropriate treatment immediately.

These natural remedies may not be successful in treating your leg weakness if it is a sign of something more serious, like heart ailments or bone disease. You may have to take medications prescribed by your physician to fully get rid of your leg weakness.


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