How To Treat Low Sex Drive Caused by Adrenal Fatigue in Women

Adrenal fatigue is caused by chronic stress. The adrenal glands produce hormones that are essential in life. Inadequate amounts of these hormones in the body causes Addison ’s disease. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include tiredness, body aches, changes in sleeping pattern and inadequate sleep, nervousness and stomach upset. One significant effect of adrenal fatigue in women is low sex drive. Since the body is tired, weak and lacks sufficient sleep, sex is the last thing on women’s minds who suffer from adrenal fatigue. Low sex drive sometimes causes relationship problems among men and women. If you are one of many women who suffer from this condition, it is important to have treated immediately to get you back on the track. Fortunately, there are ways to treat low sex drive in women that is caused by adrenal fatigue. This article will show you how to treat just that. Read on.

  • Exercise. Regular exercise pumps blood all over your body and strengthens the muscles. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it recharges your tired and stressed body. After exercising, you feel pumped up and energetic and you will feel like you are ready to get intimate with your mate.
  • Take medications. Consult your doctor about the adrenal fatigue that you are experiencing and he may prescribe you some medications to alleviate the effects of your condition.
  • Be intimate in other ways. If you do not feel like having sex with your husband or partner, look for ways that you can still be intimate. Go on a dinner date and go someplace where you can be alone and talk and be intimate. Being intimate does not mean always having sex. Just the closeness and bond that you have can reinforce your sex life.
  • Relieve stress. At the end of a long day at work or after finishing your house chores, run a warm bath and light some scented candles in your bathroom. Make a bubble bath and pour some scented oil in the tub. Soak for at least an hour and just take stress and tension away from your mind and body. Listen to soothing music. The warm water will relieve the tension in your muscles. After your bath, you are ready to hit the sack.
  • Do yoga or meditation. The relaxing effects of these exercises will help you restore your vigor and your sex drive.

When pressure at work and at home gets to you, give yourself time to breathe and evaluate the situation. You have to take control of every stressful situation that you encounter. Do not let it get to you and defeat you. You can also seek the help of your partner or husband to aid you in relieving stress. Do couple activities to reinforce your bond. Make an effort on both parts to rekindle the romance that you once had when you were just starting out as a couple.

The above tips for treating low sex drive caused by adrenal fatigue may fail if the condition is so severe. The professional opinion of your doctor should be sought to fully treat your condition.


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