How To Treat Mildew Damage

Mildew can be such a hassle because it is unsafe for a person’s health. It can cause allergies and can affect a person’s total well-being. It’s important to treat mildew problems to ensure the safety and good health of your household. Luckily, it’s easy to determine where mildew grows because it thrives in warm, dark and moist/wet places and comes with a musty smell.

  • Bleach is your best friend. One of the best ways to beat mildew infestation is to use chlorine beach. Before starting, openn all windows or keep the area ventilated in order to avoid inhalation of toxic bleach fumes. For colored or painted areas, a quart of bleach, plus a tablespoon of liquid dishwasing detergent and nine quarts of water will help eliminate that mildewy problem. With a sponge, wipe down the area with mildew until it is removed, but make sure to rinse thoroughly using plain water to completly remove the solution. Then, dry completely.
  • Out of the closet. One of the worst places to find mildew is  in your closet, where it can attach itself to your precious clothes and ruin them. Instead of bleach, vinegar is the treatment to use, especially since it is all natural and better for the state of your clothes and a frequently accessible area as a closet. You’ll need a spray bottle and white distilled vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle and apply to your clothes,  bags, accessories, etc. Leave on for several hours so that the vinegar can permeate and loosen the mildew and keep the treated objects in an airy, open place like on a table under the sun. Then, wash your clothes or rinse your accessories in warm water with ample detergent to get rid of the vinegar and the mildew.
  • Saving your wood. To get rid of mildew on wooden objects in the house, first, vacuum as much as you can of the mildew. Use the brush attachment to help loosen the culprit. Mix a gallon of hot water and mild soap, then use a rag to wipe the affected area. Clean the rag often to make sure that you’re not just spreading the mildew. For tough, clingy mildew, take a gallon of hot water and mix with 4 ounces oxygen bleach. Let this mixture sit for about five minutes then dip a clean rag and wipe down the wood. After this is done, clean off the solution with water. Then, dry completely with a dry, clean rag.
  • Precautionary measures. You know the old adage, “Prevention is better than the cure”. Before mildew invades your household, keep it from entering in the first place. A dehumidifier can help limit moisture inside your house, thus keeping mildew away. A good ventilation system also helps to prevent mildew. Check your house for cracks that may cause moisture and humidity to permeate your home.

Another way to keep your house mildew-free is to make sure your main air ducts are dry and clean. This is one of the easiest way to transport mildew, so to keep this area clean is a time and effort-saving way to keep your whole house free of mildew.


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