How To Treat Optic Nerve Atrophy

Optic nerve atrophy is a very serious condition that affects the vision. This happens when the nerves that function to carry the data to and from the eyes and brain are damaged severely. The sad news is that there are no known treatments yet to reverse whatever effect is brought by this condition. But still, there are some means that can be of help in preserving your vision despite the occurrence of atrophy. Check out this guide to help you deal with this condition:

  • Get a diagnosis from a trusted and licensed medical professional. Take note that you cannot proceed on dealing with the problem without knowing yet the current condition of the nerves. Hence, it is best to submit to a diagnosis to have a thorough evaluation of your condition. The results in the diagnosis will be your basis in picking the right techniques to help you in this situation.
  • See whether or not there are existing complicating factors with your condition. There are certain conditions in your health that can make this situation worse for you. For instance, glaucoma can threaten more damage to the optic nerves. On the other hand, some nervous disorders can even add more strain to the eyes. It is important that you determine health problems like this so you can treat them as early as possible. If cases like this can further make the condition worse, treating them can help prevent making optic nerve atrophy worse.
  • Help your eyes in maximizing your vision despite the condition. This means you have to compensate for your loss of vision as much as the technology can permit you. For instance, you can get special lenses so as to help you in correcting your blurred vision caused by the atrophy. You can also use magnifying glasses and brighter lighting for more assistance to your eyes.
  • Take note of alternative medicine to help you treat optic nerve atrophy. Though not medically proven to be effective, some alternative methods are popular in helping people with their vision. For one, acupuncture is known to strengthen the nerves that are not yet atrophied. The strengthened nerves can then compensate for the loss of vision caused by the damaged nerves. Also, there are some herbal medicines that are focused in providing the eyes with more nutrients for better vision.
  • Take care of your health to treat optic nerve atrophy. The optic nerve is in a weakened condition when you have this problem. Hence, it is best to take good care not only of your eyes but also of your health. Therefore, stop smoking cigarettes, avoid being in stressful situations, get rid of alcohol, and the like. A simple lifestyle change that will help your eyes to become healthier will be a great step you can do to fight the effects of atrophy.

Take note that up to this date, there is still no known solution yet to treat the condition and reverse its effects. What you can only do today is to make every way possible to not make the situation worse and preserve the vision you still have. Though there may be treatments being offered in the market claiming that they can reverse the damage of optic nerve atrophy, they usually are scams and must not be trusted for your condition.


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