How To Treat Post Nasal Drip in Children

Post nasal drip is very common in children. This happens when there is a development of a lot of mucus at the throat and the nose, specifically the back. Often, it is associated with the feeling that something is dripping right from the nose. However, the problem with post nasal drip is that it can open more ailments in children such as that of cough and sore throat. The good news, however, is that there are a lot of options to treat this condition. Bur still, you need the approval and recommendation of your pediatrician first. Check out the following treatment options for post nasal drip in children:

  • Take your child away from exposure to allergens. Pollen, dust mites, dander, and molds can make your child suffer more from this condition. Hence, as much as possible, eliminate your child's exposure to them. Otherwise, reduce your child's exposure to these allergens.
  • Use a humidifier from time to time in your child's bedroom. The humidifier can be a lot of help in breaking down the mucus causing the post nasal drip. It is best to turn the humidifier on when your child sleeps or whenever his condition is turning worse.
  • Get your child off nasal irritants. Nasal irritants can include aerosol spray, perfumes, and cigarette smoke. Make sure you take your child away from these irritants as they can only aggravate more the symptoms of post nasal drip.
  • Work on thinning out the mucus in the throat. The safest way to do this for your child is allowing him to drink more water. You can also ask his pediatrician for mucus-thinning agents for children that will work for your child's condition.
  • Consider using saline nose spray in treating the condition in children. The market offers a lot of saline nasal sprays for you to choose from. However, make sure you get one that is formulated for children. You simply have to squeeze the spray bottle and let the spray to go through the nasal passages of your child. Still, follow the prescription of the pediatrician in terms of the use of the nasal spray for better results.
  • Focus on treating the cause of post nasal drip. At times, this condition can be a result of an infection. If this is the case, giving antibiotics will do the job of treating post nasal drip. To help you with this, consult with the pediatrician and submit your child for assessment.
  • Offer your child antihistamines for the post nasal drip. In case the problem is related to allergies, giving your child antihistamines will work for his advantage. Make sure that the dosage is just enough for his weight and age. At times, you can just use any OTC antihistamine in the market. However, it is still best to get recommendations and prescriptions from the pediatrician to make sure you get the best out of antihistamines for your child's condition.

Do not allow your child to endure longer from post nasal drip. Be responsible about bringing him to the pediatrician early on to treat his condition. Though there are a lot of given solutions for this problem, it is still best to consult professionals for this matter to ensure successful and efficient treatment of post nasal drip.


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