How To Treat Ringworm without a Prescription

You can contract ringworm easily these days since the fungus causing it can easily spread from a person to another. The fungus can be transferred by using public facilities like showers, sharing personal stuff like towels, and the like. Hence, it is not anymore a surprise if your see ringworms developing on your skin. If this happens to you, do not fret that much. Treating ringworm is almost as easy as contracting the fungus. In fact, even without prescription, you can treat this without much trouble. Here, check out these tips in treating ringworm even without prescription:

  • Rub the garlic onto the affected skin. Garlic is a known herb that naturally fights fungus on human skin. Using the garlic in treating ringworm is easy. You can tape a small piece of garlic onto your ringworm overnight. This method can treat your ringworm in only three to five day's time. However, if you have a sensitive skin and you are worried of getting garlic burn, mash a clove of garlic and rub the oil using cotton swab to the ringworm around two or three times per day. This will help you treat ringworm in around two weeks.
  • Rub black walnut oil on the ringworm. This kind of oil is widely available in most nutrition stores. Give the ringworm two or more drops of oil and rub the oil on generously. Do this daily until such time that you are noticing that the ringworm is changing in appearance. The ringworm will turn white and then go away eventually.
  • Consider using rubbing alcohol to treat ringworm. Use cotton swab to apply rubbing alcohol to your ringworm. The alcohol is known to dry the ringworm quickly and stop its spread immediately.
  • Use aloe plant to treat ringworm. The fresh aloe leaf contains a gel that can effectively cure ringworm. It is known to give off a cooling effect on the affected skin and so reduces the irritation and heals the rashes. If you can't find an aloe plant, consider buying over-the-counter creams containing aloe.
  • Use tea tree oil in treating ringworm. Apply the oil directly to your skin where ringworm is present. It has antifungal properties that work well in treating ringworm. While the tea tree oil treats the ringworm, it also prevents pus and blisters from developing on the ringworm.
  • Consider using honey and turmeric. Mix equal amounts of honey and turmeric for the treatment of ringworm. Apply it to the affected skin daily. You can also consider taking the mixture orally. Oftentimes, it gives out just the same results.
  • Use raw papaya on the ringworm. Papaya contains an enzyme that can effectively kill fungus causing the ringworm. Hence, applying a raw slice of papaya on the ringworm is a good treatment option. After 15 minutes of the application, wash your skin with hot water.

There really are a lot of cures for ringworm even without using prescription medications from professionals. However, take note to try only one of the treatment options at a time. If you use two or more treatments, you can end up just irritating your skin further. If you have tried everything and the ringworm does not go away or gets bigger and bigger, consult a doctor right away.


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