How To Treat Ruptured Eardrum

A ruptured eardrum gives a very serious pain. Worse, it can prevent you from hearing correctly as normal. A rupture can happen when you poke an object in the ear or when there is pressure inside brought by ear infection. During the early signs of ruptured eardrum, treatment is already necessary. This is not only to free you from pain but also to save your ears from not losing its capacity to hear properly. Check out these tips in treating ruptured eardrum:

  • Consult your doctor about this ear condition. The best professional to contact for this reason is an ENT doctor. This is especially true if you are already experiencing severe symptoms such as hear loss, inability to taste, trouble walking, and feeling of spinning. You need to undergo certain tests to check the condition of the eardrum and determine the best solutions to treat the rupture.
  • Take antibiotics for your ruptured eardrum. Antibiotics will help treat the infection present in the eardrum or prevent infection from getting in. However, do not just take antibiotics. Make sure you get a proper prescription of antibiotics from a licensed professional.
  • Kill pain with Tylenol or Advil. The latter will help you quickly get rid of the pain brought by the rupture. This is best taken if you are experiencing a lot of pain. Tylenol is also a good choice but sometimes work slower than the other one. Take this if your body does not respond well with Ibuprofen.
  • Maintain the dryness in your ear. It is important that you keep the infected ear dry at all times. You must place cotton balls in your ear while taking a bath to prevent water from coming in. There are even some cases that a doctor will require you to use a patch the whole time the eardrum is healing.
  • Apply heating pad to the ear that has the rupture. The heat will help you ease out the pain caused by the ruptured eardrum. Make a heating pad by putting in some rice in a clean sock. Lock the sock up and put it in a microwave. Make sure it is not too hot that it is burning you already. Press the pad against the outside portion of your affected ear.
  • Submit to surgery if all treatment methods fail. Your doctor will recommend surgery if the rupture does not heal. This can usually be decided after two months that the rupture remains not healed. This is the last resort of doctors and patients in treating this condition. This surgery is referred to as tympanoplasty. This is often done if the hole in the eardrum appears too large. If the hole is smaller, the doctor can simply seal or patch it to promote healing.

A ruptured eardrum is a condition that must be given serious attention as early as possible. If you will take this for granted, you can face more serious conditions, the worst of it is hearing loss. Hence, the time you experience symptoms of ruptured eardrum, you must immediately bring it to the attention of a professional. The earlier you attend to it, the more chances you will succeed in treating the rupture without too much trouble.


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