How To Treat Scalp Acne Naturally

Scalp acne is something that is not only affecting teenagers today but also other people regardless of age. Though this is named scalp acne, this condition can also develop in the legs, armpits, and face. The good thing about scalp acne is that it is possible for you to treat it naturally. In fact, the following are tips on how you can successfully treat scalp acne in a safe and natural approach:

  • Avoid touching the scalp acne. This must be observed properly because you can easily spread the acne on the other areas of the scalp and other parts of the body. In the event you have touched the acne, wash your hands immediately.
  • Use soda water to dry out the scalp acne. If it is affecting your scalp, wash your hair using soda water. The soda water has the capacity to effectively dry the infected area out. Allow your hair and scalp to be soaked in soda water for several minutes before you shampoo and wash your hair.
  • Use white vinegar for your hair. Before you take a shower, rinse your hair first with white vinegar. Leave the vinegar on your hair and scalp for several minutes. Then, shampoo your hair afterwards so you can get rid of the smell of the vinegar.
  • Massage your scalp with baby powder. Sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder to your hair and scalp. Massage the powder into the scalp allowing it to sit there for a few hours. Notice that this method takes a long time so make sure you do it in a day when you can stay at home longer.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on your hair. When picking a shampoo, get the one that is made with natural products. The harsh chemicals in commercial shampoos today can only cause scalp acne or worsen the condition. Natural shampoos will help in eliminating the outbreak of scalp acne.
  • Consider other home remedies when treating scalp acne. One good home remedy for scalp acne is nutmeg and raw milk. Add a small amount of raw milk into a grated nutmeg and then apply it to the scalp acne. Another solution is a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder. Both have properties that are known to be helpful in treating scalp acne. Apply this paste mixture into the acne at night and wash your scalp the following morning. Also, cinnamon powder when combined with lemon juice can also do the same trick for your scalp acne.
  • Use garlic when treating scalp acne. Peel off a garlic glove and apply it to the acne. Do this repeatedly for several days until the acne is totally cured. Also, a grinded orange peel in a little water can also work the same wonder for your scalp acne.

Though a lot of people have experienced successful treatment out of these natural cures for scalp acne, this is still not a guarantee that this will work for you. Depending on the condition of your scalp acne, the above-mentioned options may or may not be perfect for treating your skin condition. In cases that you find no improvement after trying out several treatment options, you know you must already consult a medical professional for this purpose.


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