How To Treat Sciatica with Exercise

Does any area in your sciatic nerve path ache? The medical term for that is sciatica. This condition is simplified as pain in the buttocks and back legs, burning sensation in the thighs and numbness in the foot. Actually, any pain, burning sensation, or numbness that radiates from the sciatic nerve path, which is from the lower back to the foot, is called sciatica.

Sciatica is generally a benign nerve pain but when ignored could lead to lower spine damage. Don’t worry because most of the time, sciatica is treatable without using any drugs or medical intervention. Even simple exercises can already treat sciatica like the ones below:

  • Aerobic exercises. Do not do the intense aerobic exercises, though. Settle on doing non-impact and gentle exercises like stationary swimming and bicycle. Walking for about two miles can also help. Aerobic exercises are helpful for quicker mobility of the lower back. These can also strengthen the weak areas of the body. Any aerobic exercises of your choice are fine as long as they will be the most efficient for the specific areas. New forms of aerobic exercises can be introduced but only after a week of using another form.
  • Pelvis balance exercise. The pelvis is the one that keeps the body’s balance. Keeping it in shape will help achieve balance, even despite suffering from sciatica. Pelvis exercise will also help calm down the pelvis and assist other parts of the body to feel at ease. Do this exercise by lying down on the ground. Put the hands under the sides of the pelvis. The pelvis is balanced if both hands receive the same amount of pressure. If not, then the pelvis is unhealthy and needs exercise. Do this exercise by twisting the upper body to the left while twisting the lower body to the right. Do this slowly and do as much as your body can.
  • Knee-raise exercise. There are many forms of knee raise exercise. But this one can treat sciatica by lying down on the floor. Straighten your body as it continues to lie on the back. Grab the laps with your hands and then slowly help these to reach the tummy while keeping the knees bent in their position. Slowly go back to the starting position and then repeat the exercise for about ten times.
  • Forward bend exercise. This is almost similar to the knee raise exercise, only that the patient will be sitting on the bended knees. Keep the back upright and then raise the hands up to the air. Slowly bend the body down until the hands have reached the floor. Reverse the steps of this exercise until the starting position is reached. And then repeat the exercise for about ten times.
  • These forms of exercises should be enough to treat sciatica. In fact, these exercises and other forms of physical activities can be used for sciatica prevention. Start the habit of standing up straight with your head is facing forward. Sit upright, too, while the hips and knees are level and the feet are flat on the ground. When sleeping, you should lie on a medium-firm mattress and have supportive pillow for the head.

If exercises are not successful for sciatica treatment, then try other forms of treatment like taking anti-inflammatory drugs, undergoing chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Acupuncture and even weight loss should be considered, too. But always consult a health care professional especially if sciatica has lasted for more than six weeks.


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