How To Treat your Boyfriend

All women dream and wish for a perfect boyfriend. You will be a hypocrite if you deny that you have hoped to have someone who will love you unconditionally and who will accept you amidst your shortcomings and weaknesses. Of course you only want the best, someone who will always be there to help you, do you right and make you feel appreciated and loved. However, your boyfriend will not always be at your own beck and call. Even though he loves you so much, he has his own life to live and needs to be loved in return. He is after all only human. If you do not start treating him right now, he may leave you for someone else who will gladly treat him right. If you do not know how to treat your boyfriend, here are some sure ways that will deliver that message across to the one you love.

  • Honesty is still the best policy. It is not a nice feeling to be lied to. And even though guys are known to lie more than girls, it is definitely not an excuse to do it to them either. Any relationship that is not centered on honesty will fail since distrust will creep in and break it eventually. It is important that you communicate well with your boyfriend and be honest at all times with your feelings and opinion. If you do not like something, be honest and explain it properly to your boyfriend to settle any issue before it gets better for the two of you to handle.
  • Respect your boyfriend. Respect his ideas, his dreams and his goals. It is true that respect begets respect. So if you want to be respected, be generous in giving it. Also, have self-respect. No man will love a woman who does not respect herself.
  • Accept him for what and who he really is. Some girls who are fixated on having their dream guy as their boyfriends often paint a picture of a perfect boyfriend and expect their boyfriends to be able to meet those high expectations. This often leads to disappointment, making boyfriends feel sad that their efforts seem to be not always enough. This can be resolved by accepting that your boyfriend also has his own faults and flaws. After all, you have flaws as well. Don't try to change your boyfriend because he might get exhausted and just give up with you constantly trying to change him into someone who is not really who he is. Do not nag him constantly about perfections and mistakes.
  • It does not always have to be your boyfriend who does nice things for you. Return the favor and the tenderness too. Your boyfriend needs some love too. And you can show this by doing nice and sweet things for him. You can surprise him by calling out of the blue and tell him that you are thinking about him. Or send sweet text messages. Even small gifts help in telling him that you are always thinking about him.
  • Be forgiving. Sooner or later, your boyfriend is bound to do something that will make your angry. Do not be so tough when he apologizes. Learn to forgive easily and do not hold grudges. After all, you may mess up one day too.

Always tell him how you much you love him in every way you can possibly think of.


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