How To Troubleshoot a Kenmore Elite Ice Maker

Home appliances manufactured by Kenmore Elite are high end models carried by Sears. These appliances showcase a lot of additional luxury features that give the line premium status. If you purchased a Kenmore refrigerator, it is more likely that it also has a built in ice maker. This allows you to dispense ice whenever you need it without having to refill any ice trays or wait for the ice to freeze. There are times, however, when the ice maker malfunctions. You can do some simple troubleshooting yourself. Just follow this guide to find out the cause of the problems that you are encountering with your Kenmore Elite Ice Maker.

  • Check the mechanism for any blockage. There are times that an ice cube could get stuck in the tray and other parts of the ice maker. This could jam the entire system and prevent the machine form dispensing ice properly. If the ice cubes gets stuck in the trays, the problem could be with the heater. This heater slightly melts the ice in order for them to slip out of the container and fall through the dispenser. If you find observe that there is ice in the trays and there is nothing blocking the path towards the dispenser, then you need to have the heater repaired by the manufacturer. However, if you find that the ice cubes are popping out of the tray but still does not get dispensed, something could be blocking the way. If the jam is caused by an ice cube, you can either pull it out then wait for the ice maker to reset, or you can switch of the refrigerator and wait for the ice to melt completely.
  • Inspect the water line if the machine fails to make ice. Inspect the water line carefully and see if there are any leaks in the system between the freezer and its water valve. If you notice any kinks or if the tubes are unusually bent, straighten it out. If the tube has holes or breaks in it, you will need to have it replaced. Check also if the water valve is twisted fully into its “on” position. Observe the ice maker of about a day to see if this solves the problem.
  • If the water takes on an unusual taste or odor, check your plumbing system. For residential or commercial units that have newly installed plumbing systems, it is normal for the water to have an off taste and odor. Allow the system to be cleared within three to four days before attempting to use the water supply for your ice maker. If you do not have any new plumbing pipes yet still have weird smelling and tasting ice, clean out the refrigerator and disinfect all the interior walls with vinegar and water. Rinse off the solution and let the inside of the refrigerator dry completely before plugging back the ice maker. Make sure to dump the old ice from the tray otherwise the first batch of ice cubes that you will make after cleaning will still have the undesirable qualities. It is also important that you observe proper ways of storing food inside the refrigerator. Put meats and other perishables inside durable freezer bags.
  • If your ice maker dispenses small or hollow ice cubes, check the hose and water pressure. In order for the Kenmore Elite Ice maker to operate properly, the water pressure coming from the faucet should be 120 psi at the very least. If the water pressure in your area is relatively low, make sure that you use a thinner hose to connect the ice maker to the water supply. If the pressure is sufficient but the problem persists, check if the hose is clogged.

The Kenmore website provides other ways to troubleshoot your ice maker. Visit their page and download the manual. If you are unable to fully address the problem, it is advisable that you contact Sears and ask their service technicians to assist you. You can contact them via the Kenmore website as well.


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