How To Troubleshoot a Mitsubishi Projection TV

Mitsubishi is a global brand when it comes to TV and other electronics. It is highly esteemed for its electronic products of high quality and reliability. Despite the proliferation of LCD and plasma television in the market today, there are still a lot of consumers who patronize projection TVs, and Mitsubishi is one of the leaders in this type of television. Sending your projection TV to service centers has become costly so it would be helpful if you know how to do troubleshooting before you call the professional technicians.

You simply need a screwdriver (Phillips-head) and then follow this guide:

  • Reset component settings. Usually, the problems you encounter with a Mitsubishi projection TV may be resolved through the resetting to its factory settings. If you experience inaccuracies in the color, reset the television’s PerfectTint/PerfectColor capabilities. Simply press the Menu tab and then highlight “Perfect Color” using your right key arrow. After this, press “Enter” and then “Reset” in order to reset to factory settings. If you have audio / video problems (VCR or DVD player), simply press “Menu” and highlight the “Reset" option.
  • Reset television controls. In case you cannot fix your TV via its component settings, there are other ways of resetting. Just select “Menu”, key in “1, 2, 3”, and then press “Enter.”  In doing this, the TV’s manufacturer’s specifications will all be restored. If your TV’s power system does not function, you should perform a complete system reset. You can do this by clicking on Reset System button located at the TV’s control panel. Your television will be turned off and then a green light (LED) will quickly flash for approximately one minute. Once the light has stopped flashing, your TV should immediately turn on.
  • Use your remote control. The first step is to inspect the batteries of the remote control and see if they are functioning. If its power button starts to blink several times once you turned it on, then the batteries need to be replaced. See to it that your remote control is used within about 20 feet from the television. Make sure also that nothing blocks the space between the remote control and the receiver.
  • Check the fan. Once the television is turned off, it is just normal for its fan to become louder. A projection TV actually depends on its lamp, which requires cooling so that it will not prematurely burn out. If the room where your TV is placed is very hot, the fan would also continue to run.
  • Replace projection lamp. To properly do this, make sure that the lamp’s bulb has cooled down and the TV is unplugged. Carefully remove the cover of the lamp’s compartment using your screwdriver (Phillips-head). Unscrew the sealed part of the lamp that can be found at the television’s rear part. Take away the old lamp cartridge and then insert a new one. Seal the lamp with screws, replace its cover and then screw tightly.

If the television still does not work despite your initial diagnose and repairs, then it’s time to consult with the professional technicians.


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