How To Troubleshoot an Electric Food Steamer

Electric steamers are great to have around in your kitchen. An electric streamer can cook rice perfectly, without burning anything. You can also get a healthy diet by steaming vegetables. Electric steamers can steam vegetable the perfect way, with that perfect combination of tender and crunchy. Steamers are pretty easy to maintain, but if you notice something weird going on with your steamer's performance, then the article below will help you figure out what is wrong with your electrical food steamer. Read on and find out how you can identify these problems and how you can solve them.

  • Check the heating element. If you observe that the electrical steamer is not producing heat properly, then try to fix it by first unplugging the heater from the outlet. Take out the pan and the cover from the steamer as well. Check underneath the steamer and take out the connectors that are attached to the steamer's base. You will be able to find the heating wire from this section. Once you find the heating wire, remove it from one terminal, making sure that it is still connected to the other terminal.
  • Test the heating wire. Get a multimeter and use it to measure the resistance of the wire. Set the multimeter to RX1 and then take out the tester probe. Touch the tester probe to the two terminals and check the reading from the window. If you get a reading of 0 ohms, then you will know that there is nothing wrong with your heating element, and that it is working properly.
  • Check the resistor. Again, make sure that you have unplugged the steamer from the socket. Remove the pan and the cover and flip the steamer over to get access to the wires beneath. Once you have access to the wires, disconnect the heating element from the lead so you can be able to use the multimeter to test the resistor alone. Set the multimeter at RX1 and touch the probe testers to both terminals. If you see that the resistor's reading is at 20 ohms, you can be sure that the resistor is working properly.
  • Check the switch contacts. Once you have checked the heating elements and the resistor, and found that they are working properly, it is now time to check the switch contacts. Observe if they are connected properly to the steamer. If they seem to be connected fully to the steamer, try to file the contacts with a nail file. Do this lightly, just enough to file away the grime and residue that may have built up over time, thereby blocking the passage of electrical current. You may also purchase an electrical contract cleanser and spray this on the switch contacts for better clean-up of the residue.

If you have done the steps mentioned and you are still encountering problems with your electrical steamer, then it is time to contact the customer service of your electrical steamer's brand. Their electricians might have a better idea of how to repair your steamer. If your steamer is still under warranty, you may even take it in for free repairs and parts. Check this before contacting the customer service agent.


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