How To Troubleshoot Dishwashers

It is the natural reaction of someone with a dishwasher to call for the service crew whenever something is wrong with his dishwasher. But before you spend how many dollars per hour of repair, try to check first if there is something you can do about your unit. This will save you some cash and will educate you on how to fix and maintain your dishwasher unit. Just follow the tips listed below. All you need is some dishwashing detergent, a steel wool scrubber and a regular screwdriver set.

  • Disconnecting from the power source. Before you do anything else to your dishwashing unit, make sure that it is disconnected from the power source or else you are putting yourself at risk of electrocution.
  • Checking the doors and the latches. Once you have disconnected it from the power source, check if the door is closed completely and the latches are closed. The cycle button must be pressed all the way down and the sprayer and filter should be properly placed at the bottom part of the dishwashing unit. Check if there are any obstructions in the unit especially the filter. There might just be some loose items clogging the dishwasher.
  • Checking the sprayer arm. You should also take a look at the sprayer arm that can be done by unscrewing the cap placed on the arm. The screen under it should still be in good condition and free from any obstructions. Scrub this screen if necessary with the use of an old toothbrush. Rinse it well.
  • Checking out noise sources. You can also see what is causing all the racket your dishwashing unit is making by inspecting the water pressure of your water source. Sometimes this is the reason why your unit makes a racket since if the water does not properly fill up the unit, the dishes would be hitting each other and rattling in the unit.
  • Checking the detergent dispenser. You may also want to check out the dispenser of the dishwashing liquid if it is clogged or not opening as it should. You can do this by taking apart the front panel of the door; just make sure that you have the unit’s manual right beside you when you do this since instructions may vary from one model to another. While you are at this panel, you may want to check out the timer lever. Check if it is already corroded and if it is, you can easily scrub off the corroded material with a regular steel wool.

Those instructions listed above should eliminate the easy to repair issues with your dishwashing liquid. Most of the time these are the issues that the repair staff are faced with so unless it is something that you cannot repair with your own efforts and skills then you might as well hold off with calling the repair guys. Oftentimes there is also a troubleshooting section in your dishwasher’s manual. Simple things such as checking the power source and water source are easy culprits to the most common issues of a dishwasher. You can also check other online resources and forums especially if your dishwasher brand is quite popular.


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